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2. The bias shown by a child towards on primary attachment figure is called...

  • monotropy
  • primary caregiver
  • monotype
  • hierarchy

3. An alternative explanation to Bowlby's theory is...

  • the temperament hypothesis
  • Bowlby's second theory
  • the temperament ideology
  • the temperament plan

4. A criticism of Harlow's study as supporting research is...

  • it was a natural experiment using animals
  • it used animals and thus cannot be generalized onto humans
  • it used animals and therefore provides no evidence
  • it used animals and therefore is bias

5. Evidence for the temperament hypothesis is...

  • from Harlow's study which helps support the idea of secondary attachments and caregiver sensitivity
  • from Thomas and Chess who found 3 temperament types: easy, difficult and slow to warm up.
  • from Hodges and Tizard's research which supports the idea of a sensitive period.


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