Bowlby's theory and evaluation

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1. The continuity hypothesis suggests that...

  • emotionally secure infants become good parents
  • emtionally secure infants become emotionally secure adults
  • emotionally secure adults have emotionally secure infants
  • emotionally secure infants get better jobs
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2. Attachments acts as...

  • an insecure base to build other relationships on
  • a secure base from which a child can explore the world and return when they feel threatened.
  • a secure base from which a child can explore the room.
  • dependence on the mother for life.

3. Bowlby described attachment as...

  • adaptive and innate
  • internal and innate
  • adaptive and learnt
  • sensative and innate

4. Bowlby's theory can be supported by...

  • Harlow's study which helps support the idea of secondary attachments and caregiver sensitivity
  • Rutter's study into mutiple attachments which showed all attachment figures were of equal importance.

5. What do social releasers do?

  • elicit a caregiving reaction or response
  • elicit a secure base
  • elicit imprinting
  • elicit a good attachment


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