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2. What were the natural factors increasing Flood risk?

  • Delta bringing together 2 major rivers, The gangee and the Brahmaputra, low lying country with 70% of land less than 1m above sea level. Monsoon climate,
  • Anything else

3. Causes of flooding in Boscastle?

  • Narrow floodplain, confluence of 3 rivers, flash flood, ground was already saturated, steep valley with Boscastle situated at bottom, village bridge restricted the flow of water.
  • Storm surge
  • Hurricane

4. What were the short term affects?

  • Lots of property destroyed including 20 hotels which decreased the amount of tourism. Schemes made to put flood defences in place.
  • Lots of death
  • Disease spread
  • conflict over clean water

5. What were the Statistics?

  • 0 deaths, one injury - broken thumb. 60mm of rain fell in 2hours. 3 million cumecs of water swept through the village. 58 houses flooded, 30 cars swept out to sea and 6 properties destroyed.
  • everything destroyed
  • 10 people killed


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