Book 1 of the Iliad

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1. Whose argument results in Achilles withdrawing from the war?

  • Agamemnon and Achilles
  • Achilles and Thetis
  • Nestor and Patroclus
  • Hector and Paris
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2. Which God sends a plague to punish the Greeks?

  • Apollo
  • Hera
  • Aphrodite
  • Zeus

3. Why is Zeus reluctant to help the Trojans?

  • He knows Agamemnon was right in taking Briseis.
  • He knows his wife Hera supports the Greeks.
  • He knows his daughter Aphrodite supports the Greeks.
  • He doesn't agree with the war between Troy and Greece.

4. Where is the plague sent?

  • Greece
  • Crete
  • Troy
  • Athens

5. Why does Achilles want Zeus to help the Trojans?

  • To prevent Menelaus from winning back Helen.
  • To show Agamemnon that Achilles is important in winning the war.
  • To show Hector that Agamemnon is easily defeated.
  • To prompt Hector to kill Agamemnon and to take over Greece.


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