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What is a Bodhisattva?
A being who has already attained englightenment, but has chosen to return to earth to help other attain it.
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How many Bodhisattva's are there?
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Name them?
Nagarjuna, Nio, Manjusri, Amitabha, Maitreya and Avalokiteshvara.
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What does the Bodhisattva path consist of?
10 Bhumi's and 10 Paramita's
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What are Bhumi's?
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What are Paramita's?
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What are there three of in this path?
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What are the three trainings?
Discpline, Meditation and Wisdom.
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Define Conventional Truth
Everyday understanding of the world.
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Define the Ultimate Truth
A higher understanding only achieved through meditation.
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What is Bodhichitta?
Awakened mind
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Elaborate on the Bodhichitta
Striving to attain enlightenment for all beings that follow Mahayana Buddhism
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What does this require?
Great merit and wisdom.
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How can this merit and wisdom be attained and demonstarted?
Through following the Bodhisattva path.
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What else do Bodhisattva's wish to bring?
Happiness and compassion to all sentient beings.
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What is the relative bodhichitta?
When the individual works for the good of all beings.
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What is ultimate bodhicitta?
The individual has wisdom of shunyata, free themselves from attachements.
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What are the four aspects of becoming a Bodhisattva?
Intention, Vow, Practice and Buddhahood.
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How many Bodhisattva's are there?



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