BMS1031 Molecular Biology

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1. What are the benefits of pre-mRNA splicing?

  • A, B and C
  • C. Is a very energy efficient process
  • A. favours emergence of new proteins over an evolutionary time scale
  • A and B
  • B. allows many different protiens to be expressed from the same gene
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2. what are cajal bodies?

  • Membrane bound regions that are involved in RNA processing
  • Membrane bond regions where DNA replication and processing occurs
  • Non-membrane bound nuclear substructures that act in RNP biogenesis and the modification of snRNA and snoRNA
  • Non-membrane bound nuclear substructures that act as a ribosome factory

3. What is a protein domain?

  • An independently folded region with characteristic properties
  • Only found in mulitmeric proteins
  • Different proteins found within a super/macro molecular machine
  • Different 2' structures found within a protein

4. Which enzyme cleaves polysaccharide chains in bacterial cell walls in hydrolysis reactions?

  • Lysozyme
  • Nuclease
  • Hydrolase
  • Kinase

5. Which of these is not a RNA secondary structure

  • Stem loop
  • Pseudoknot
  • Hair pin


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