BMS1031 Molecular Biology

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1. what are cajal bodies?

  • Membrane bond regions where DNA replication and processing occurs
  • Non-membrane bound nuclear substructures that act in RNP biogenesis and the modification of snRNA and snoRNA
  • Membrane bound regions that are involved in RNA processing
  • Non-membrane bound nuclear substructures that act as a ribosome factory
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2. Which level of structuring would be described as being made up of multiple polypeptides?

  • Quaternary
  • Tertiary
  • Secondary
  • Primary

3. Secondary structures are held together by which bonds?

  • Electrostatic, van der waals and ester
  • Hydrogen, electrostatic and van der waals
  • Peptide and disulphide
  • Hydrogen and peptide

4. Bacterial mRNA is often polycistronic, meaning?

  • Have a 5' cap
  • Several proteins can be encoded from the same mRNA
  • mRNA only have one ribosome binding site
  • Only one protein can be encoded from a piece of mRNA

5. which statement best describes elongation of translation?

  • AA's added to nascent polypeptide chain in mini cycle
  • Release of polypeptide chain from tRNA and dissociation of ribosomes
  • Coupling correct AA to appropriate tRNA molecule
  • Assembly of the ribosome subunits, Met-tRNA and mRNA


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