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2. Which of these events does not occur during transcription initiation?

  • DNA strands are melted around the start site, forming a replication bubble
  • DNA polymerase starts transcribing at the promoter
  • DNA polymerase binds to gene promoter using transcription factors (TFs)
  • The template strand passes through active site where rNTPs are bonded together

3. UTRs are?

  • Retained in mRNA but untranslated
  • Lost in mRNA and untranslated
  • Retained in mRNA and translated
  • Form part of the intron and removed during splicing

4. Which regulation process is incorrect?

  • control of folding 3' and 4' structures
  • control of protein life span
  • non/covalent modifications of molecules involved in the reaction
  • control of synthesis and degradation

5. Which proteins are NOT used for mRNA export from the nucleus?

  • eIF4G
  • Nucleus restrictive proteins
  • CBC
  • Nuclear export receptor


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