BMS1031 Molecular Biology

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1. Which of these is false about DNA and base paring?

  • the sugar phosphate backbone is on the outside
  • Hydrogen bonds join base pairs together
  • DNA is planar
  • A bp is made of a purine and a pyrimidine
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2. Which Bases are NOT pyrimidines?

  • Cytosine and Guanine
  • Adenine and Guanine
  • Adenine and Thymine
  • Uracil and Thymine

3. What is the role of topoisomerase during DNA replication?

  • Prevents rewinding of DNA after seperation
  • Holds DNA polymerase in place to stop it falling of DNA
  • Relieves twists in DNA ahead to prevent super coiling, by creating a nick ahead of the replication fork
  • Unwinds DNA strands to allow access by other replication machinery

4. What is the role of tRNA?

  • Regulated gene expression through RNA interference.
  • Decodes mRNA for protein synthesis, bringing the correct amino acid to the end of the protein
  • Component of ribosomes, catalyzing protein synthesis
  • Codes for proteins

5. How does rifamycin work?

  • Prevents the transition from translation initiation to elongation
  • Blocks binding of aminoacyl-tRNA to the A-site
  • blocks initiation of RNA chains by binding to RNA polymerase
  • Binds in the exit channel of the ribosome to RNA polymerase


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