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2. In terms of protein stability, covalent bonds include?

  • all of the above
  • disulphide bonds
  • hydrophobic interactions
  • ionic interactions
  • hydrogen bonds

3. In an alpha helix:

  • all of the things
  • the AA side chains are on the outside of the helix
  • the structure is stabilised by hydrogen bonds
  • the structure is destabilised by the presence of proline
  • the helical twist is always right handed

4. Fibrous proteins...

  • never have alpha helical domains
  • exclude 4' proteins
  • include most enzymes and regulatory proteins
  • generally provide structure, shape and protection
  • have a high content of beta-sheets

5. In proteins, peptide bonds are:

  • formed between two AAs
  • found only cystine moieties
  • non-covalent linkes in alpha helices
  • covalent links between different beta sheets
  • found only in cysteine moieties


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