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2. The following term refers to the addition of FA moiety to a protein

  • acylation
  • fattylation
  • fatty acid formation
  • acetylation
  • hydroxylation

3. In human myoglobin and haemoglobin the haem group

  • contains Fe
  • contains Cu
  • contains Mg
  • contains Zn
  • is ligated to cysteine

4. disulphide bonds:

  • are non-covalent bonds
  • are characterised by two SH groups
  • consist of two cysteine residues
  • consist of one cystine residue
  • consist of two methionine residues

5. In keratin the disulphide bonds are found in

  • glycine AAs
  • cysteine AAs
  • cystine AAs
  • methionine AAs
  • glycine and proline AAs


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