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2. Desmosine is an AA...

  • formed of four hydroxylysine residues
  • formed of four lysine residues
  • formed of four glycine residues
  • formed of four hydroxyproline residues
  • formed of four hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine residues

3. Which component of the general structure of AA is acidic?

  • H
  • R-group
  • COO-
  • NH3+

4. Proline:

  • always hydroxylated to hydroxyproline
  • Commonly found in beta turns
  • is an uncommon AA
  • never found in collagen
  • commonly found in alpha helices

5. The AA with aromatic R groups are characterised by:

  • an aromatic ring structure which gives these AA their characteristic UV spectra
  • an aromatic ring structures
  • a strong flagrance, as referred to by aromatic
  • a high carbon content


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