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2. surfactant....

  • is not found in healthy lung tissue
  • helps protect the alveoli collapsing
  • protects the surface of the lungs
  • phagocytises small particle matter
  • replaces mucous in the alveoli

3. place the following structures in order in which air passes through them:

  • bronchioles, 1' bronchi, 2' bronchi, alveoli, terminal bronchi
  • 1' bronchi, 2' bronchi, bronchioles, terminal bronchioles, alveoli
  • terminal, 1', 2' alveoli, bronchioles
  • alveoli, bronchioles, 1', 2', terminal

4. the lungs are enclosed in______ membranes:

  • thoracic
  • pleural
  • costal
  • pulmonary
  • pericardial

5. in quiet breathing....

  • inspiration is passive and expiration involves muscular contraction
  • none of the above
  • inspiration and expiration involve muscular contractions
  • inspiration involves muscular contractions and expiration is passive
  • inspiration and expiration are both passive processess


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