BMS1032 Neurology Example Q's

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1. regarding receptors in the skin:

  • all sensory info from the skin reaches the brain via the ventral column of the spinal cord
  • all sensory info from the skin reaches the brain via the dorsal column of the spinal cord
  • all skin receptors are encapsulated
  • the nociceptors of the skin are bare nerve endings
  • the receptive fields of touch receptors are uniform is all skin areas
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2. which of the following is an important functional parameter of pain receptors?

  • exhibit little or no adaption
  • give rise to signals that convey the location of a joint
  • are not affected by muscle tension
  • can be inhibited voluntarily
  • signal only flexion reflex at joint capsules

3. a single somatic motor neuron and all the muscle fibres it innervates =

  • a sarcomere
  • a motor unit
  • an endplate
  • a contraction
  • a NMJ

4. which of the following values is closest to the resting membrane potential?

  • +20mV
  • 0mV
  • -60mV
  • -20mV
  • +60mV

5. which of the following statement concerning the velocity of AP propagation is correct?

  • faster in unmyelinated axons
  • slower in myelinated axons
  • fast in myelinated axons
  • independent of axon diameter
  • unaffected if the axon becomes demyelinated


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