BMS1032 Neurology Example Q's

Practice questions set by my lecturer 

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1. regarding receptors in the skin:

  • the receptive fields of touch receptors are uniform is all skin areas
  • all sensory info from the skin reaches the brain via the dorsal column of the spinal cord
  • the nociceptors of the skin are bare nerve endings
  • all skin receptors are encapsulated
  • all sensory info from the skin reaches the brain via the ventral column of the spinal cord
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2. which one of the following statements is correct about events in a chemical synapse:

  • release of NT into the synaptic cleft
  • arrival of AP at the synaptic cleft
  • outward flow of ca2+ ions into the cleft
  • hyperpolarisation at the presynaptic membrane

3. The resting membrane potential is mainly determined by?

  • the Ca2+ gradient
  • the K+ gradient
  • the Cl- gradient
  • the Na+ gradient
  • the Na+/K+/ATPase

4. which statement concerning the role of Ca2+ in the contraction of skeletal muscle is correct?

  • Ca2+ ions do not play a role in the contractile process
  • the tension of skeletal muscle fibres is partly regulated by G proteins
  • a rise in intracellular Ca2+ allows actin to interact with myosin
  • Ca2+ entry across the plasma membrane is important in sustaining the contraction of skeletal muscle
  • the mitochondria acts as a store of Ca2+ for the contractile process

5. a single somatic motor neuron and all the muscle fibres it innervates =

  • a motor unit
  • a contraction
  • a sarcomere
  • a NMJ
  • an endplate


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