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2. which of the following does not contribute significantly to the protection of the brain?

  • dura mater
  • cerebrospinal fluid
  • cerebral space
  • subarachnoid space
  • cranium

3. regarding sensory receptor properties:

  • the first step in sensory transduction is the generation of an AP
  • the frequency of a train of AP in an afferent fibre reflects the intensity of the stimulus given to its receptor
  • the amplitude of a train of action potential in an afferent reflects the intensity of the stimulus given to its receptor
  • a touch receptor will generate a constant rate of discharge for as long as the receptor is stimulated
  • all receptors respond to a specific quality of a stimulus

4. which of the following is an important functional parameter of pain receptors?

  • can be inhibited voluntarily
  • exhibit little or no adaption
  • give rise to signals that convey the location of a joint
  • signal only flexion reflex at joint capsules
  • are not affected by muscle tension

5. which statement about homeostasis is true?

  • the integration centre is the effector
  • most physiological variables are regulated by positive feedback
  • plasma glucose conc is controlled via positive feedback
  • delivery of a baby is the end results of a positive feeback mechanism
  • effectors detect changes in physiological variables


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