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1. concerning the motor cortex:

  • motor areas of the cortex receive somatosensory inputs via the thalamus
  • the coticospinal tract provides the connection between the motor cortical areas and the spinal cord
  • the motor cortex is in the parietal lobe
  • following a cerebral haemorrhage affecting the precentral gyrus of the right hemisphere, the patient feels no sensation on the left side of the body
  • the motor cortex is situated in the postcentral gyrus
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2. which statement about homeostasis is true?

  • plasma glucose conc is controlled via positive feedback
  • most physiological variables are regulated by positive feedback
  • effectors detect changes in physiological variables
  • delivery of a baby is the end results of a positive feeback mechanism
  • the integration centre is the effector

3. which brain area is considered to be the integrating centre for sensory inputs?

  • cerebral cortex
  • thalamus
  • hypothalamus
  • pituitary gland
  • brain stem

4. which statement about the nervous system is NOT true?

  • the white and grey matter of the spinal cord is arranged in the same way as that in the cerebral hemispheres
  • grey matter contains the cell bodies and dendrites of neurones
  • each cerebral hemisphere is divided into 4 lobes
  • the dorsal root ganglia contains the cell bodies of the primary sensory neurones
  • each spinal segment gives rise to two pairs of spinal roots

5. the principal intracellular cation is:

  • Na+
  • K+
  • Cl-
  • H+
  • Ca2+


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