BMS1032 Neurology Example Q's

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1. which statement about the nervous system is NOT true?

  • the dorsal root ganglia contains the cell bodies of the primary sensory neurones
  • the white and grey matter of the spinal cord is arranged in the same way as that in the cerebral hemispheres
  • each spinal segment gives rise to two pairs of spinal roots
  • each cerebral hemisphere is divided into 4 lobes
  • grey matter contains the cell bodies and dendrites of neurones
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2. The resting membrane potential is mainly determined by?

  • the Na+ gradient
  • the Ca2+ gradient
  • the Cl- gradient
  • the K+ gradient
  • the Na+/K+/ATPase

3. which one of the following statements is correct about events in a chemical synapse:

  • release of NT into the synaptic cleft
  • arrival of AP at the synaptic cleft
  • outward flow of ca2+ ions into the cleft
  • hyperpolarisation at the presynaptic membrane

4. a single somatic motor neuron and all the muscle fibres it innervates =

  • an endplate
  • a contraction
  • a motor unit
  • a NMJ
  • a sarcomere

5. regarding reflexes?

  • interneurones are the final common path for all reflexes
  • withdrawal reflexes are stretch reflexes
  • the knee jerk is an example of a stretch reflex
  • withdrawal reflexes are monosynaptic reflexes
  • a monosynaptic reflex arc involves one or more interneurones


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