BMS1032 Neurology

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1. Ach released from postganglionic neurones in the parasympathetic pathway binds to:

  • muscarinic receptors
  • noradrenoceptors
  • nicotinic receptors
  • adrenoceptors
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2. which skin receptor is made of free nerve endings?

  • pacinian corpuscles
  • merkel disc
  • hair root plexus
  • meissner corpusles

3. which feature of action potentials is incorrect?

  • fast acting over long distances
  • triggered by ion movement
  • are chemical signals
  • propagate along the axon

4. The hippocampus is responsible for?

  • speech recognition
  • explicit and spatial memory
  • explicit memory only
  • learning new information

5. the control and refinement of movement occurs in the:

  • basal ganglia
  • brain stem
  • thalamus
  • cerebellum


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