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2. Electrical synapses pass through which cell junction?

  • gap
  • tight
  • adhesion
  • connexin

3. during muscle contraction when ATP is hydrolysed:

  • myosin heads bind to actin
  • myosin heads release actin
  • myosin heads return to the resting position
  • myosin heads bend forwad

4. Tonic/slow adapting receptors:

  • decreases is responsiveness during long lasting stimuli
  • continue as long as the stimulus persists
  • detects changes in the stimuli
  • rapidly adapt to a constant stimulus and turn off, fire again when the stimulus ends

5. the primary motor cortex is in the:

  • temporal lobe
  • parietal lobe
  • frontal lobe
  • occipital lobe


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