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2. post ganglia neurones of the sympathetic afferent pathway release which NT?

  • nicotinamine
  • noradrenaline
  • acetylcholine
  • adrenaline

3. What is Ca2+ role in muscle contraction?

  • binds to actin to enable myosin to binds to binding sites of troponin
  • binds to troponin, causing the shift in tropomyosin to expose myosin binding sites
  • binds to tropomyosin, causing it to shift away from the myosin binding sites
  • binds to myosin binding sites

4. acetylcholine binds to which receptors on skeletal muscle?

  • beta adrenoceptors
  • muscarinic
  • nicotinic
  • alpha adrenoceptors

5. parasympathetic systems are responsible for:

  • rest and digest
  • flight or fight


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