BMS1032 Neurology

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1. NT binds to what type of receptor on the postsynaptic membrane?

  • G-protein coupled channel
  • Ligand-gated ion channal
  • Voltage-gated ion channel
  • mega ion channel
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2. repetitive firing of neurones cause a strengthening in connections known as long term potentiation

  • only after adulthood
  • false
  • true
  • only before adulthood

3. which is not a function of CSF?

  • provides cushioning
  • prevents movement of substances between the brain and blood
  • reduces weight
  • allows a different chemical composition from blood

4. Neuromuscular junctions synapse between:

  • motor neurones and skeletal muscle cells
  • interneurones and motor neurones
  • motor neurones and smooth muscle cells
  • sensory neurones and skeletal muscles

5. A delta fibres are NOT:

  • unmyelinated
  • small
  • conduct at a speed of 12-30m/sec
  • carry cold, fast pain and mechanical stimuli


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