BMS1032 Neurology

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1. which is not a function of CSF?

  • allows a different chemical composition from blood
  • prevents movement of substances between the brain and blood
  • provides cushioning
  • reduces weight
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2. One motor neurone and all the muscle fibres it innervates is known as:

  • a motor unit
  • a neuromuscular unit
  • a neurotransmission plate
  • an end plate

3. pain can be modulated via:

  • touch/non painful stimuli
  • hypoalgesia
  • adding pain to another region
  • chopping the area with pain off

4. synapses can be electrical and chemical?

  • true
  • false

5. non-excitable support cells are known as:

  • eryrthocyte
  • glial cells
  • endothelium
  • neurones


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