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2. Na+ entry into the cell is an example of:

  • positive feeback (once one opens the depolarisation causes more to open)
  • negative feedback (the opening of one causes the rest to close and K+ gates to open)

3. when a sensory receptor membrane depolarises, the change in membrane potential is:

  • receptor field
  • lateral inhibition
  • receptor potential
  • action potential

4. the sympathetic pathway originated from:

  • the spinal cord
  • a chain of ganglia
  • the medulla oblongata
  • the vegas nerve

5. A monosynaptic spinal reflex consists of:

  • a sensory neurone, 2 interneurons and a motor neuron
  • a sensory neuron, interneuron and motor neuron
  • a sensory neuron and a motor neuron
  • 2 sensory neurons and a motor neuron


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