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2. Which ion movement is responsible for the rising phase of the AP?

  • outflux of K+
  • influx of Na+
  • influx of K+
  • outflux of Na+

3. which of these does NOT occur when the sympathetic pathway is stimulated

  • increase in BP
  • bronchiolar dilation
  • decrease is cardiac output
  • dilation of pupil

4. post ganglia neurones of the sympathetic afferent pathway release which NT?

  • adrenaline
  • acetylcholine
  • noradrenaline
  • nicotinamine

5. The ANS stimulates which effectors?

  • smooth/cardiac muscle and glands
  • cardiac muscle, glands and endocrine cells
  • skeletal muscle
  • smooth muscle, glands and GI tract


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