BMS1031 human genetics

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1. How is diversity generates during meiosis?

  • Synthesis and crossing over
  • Synapsis and crossing wires
  • Synapsis and crossing over
  • Synthesis and crossing under
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2. How many protein coding genes are there in the human genome?

  • 3x10^8
  • 3x10^4
  • 3x10^6
  • 3x10^2
  • 3x10^10

3. Anticipation in triplet repeat diseases means...?

  • Phenotype worsens as repeat number increases
  • Repeats increase as phenotype worsens
  • Repeat number has no impact on phenotype
  • Phenotype improves as repeat number increases
  • Repeats increase as phenotype improves

4. Nucleosomes...?

  • Are visible under light microscopy
  • Are smaller than DNA
  • Are naked DNA
  • Comprise DNA and a histone core
  • Are histones

5. An electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA)...?

  • Tests for translational activity
  • Directly shows binding of nuclear proteins to a specific part of the promoter
  • Tests for transcriptional activity
  • Inhibits translation
  • Inhibits transcription


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