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2. What diameter is the chromatin fibre in a chromatid?

  • 1400nm
  • 300nm
  • 700nm
  • 30nm
  • 10nm

3. What differentiates retrotransposons from any other mobile genetic elements?

  • No intermediate
  • DNA intermediate
  • Protein intermediate
  • RNA intermediate
  • Ribosomal Intermediate

4. An enhancer is...?

  • Always distant from the gene
  • Always next to the promoter
  • Position and orientation independent
  • Always in an intron
  • Position and orientation dependent

5. A reporter gene assay...?

  • Inhibits transcription
  • Directly shows binding of nuclear proteins to a specific part of the promoter
  • Tests for transcriptional activity
  • Test for translational activity
  • Inhibits translation


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