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2. An enhancer is...?

  • Always distant from the gene
  • Always next to the promoter
  • Position and orientation dependent
  • Position and orientation independent
  • Always in an intron

3. Which of the following characteristics apply to a eukaryotic chromosome?

  • Visible during interphase
  • Single linear DNA molecules
  • Multiple DNA molecules
  • Circular DNA molecule
  • Not visible during metaphase

4. What does heterodimeric nuclear receptors do at/to its target genes in the absence of ligand?

  • Promotes gene activation
  • Promotes histone acetylation
  • Promotes nuclear translocation
  • Promotes histone deacetylation
  • Promotes cytoplasmic translocation

5. A homodimeric nuclear receptor...?

  • Remains in the cytoplasm
  • Doesnt require ligand binding for activity
  • Translocates into the nucleus on ligand binding
  • Is exclusively in the nucleus
  • Binds to RNA polymerase


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