BMS1031 human genetics

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1. The phenotype of an individual heterozygous for a codominant mutation is...?

  • Intermediate between the wildtype and mutant homozygotes
  • Intermediate between one mutant and a different mutant
  • Similar to the homozygote WT
  • Similar to the heterozygote
  • Similar to the homozygote mutant
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2. Which of these organisms has the largest genome?

  • Lily
  • Bean
  • Newt
  • Human
  • Drosophila

3. Which of the following is true about cancer?

  • there are monogenic forms
  • SNPs may increase the risk
  • cancer may involve DNA repair defects
  • all the things
  • cancer is a complex disease

4. A base change that leads to insertion of a stop codon may cause mRNA to be degraded by...?

  • All the things
  • Proteolytic cleavage
  • Nonsense-mediated decay
  • Sense-mediated decay
  • RNA polymerase

5. What differentiates retrotransposons from any other mobile genetic elements?

  • RNA intermediate
  • Ribosomal Intermediate
  • No intermediate
  • DNA intermediate
  • Protein intermediate


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