BMS1031 Bacterial Genetics Example Q's

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1. cDNA cloning:

  • requires bacteriophages
  • requires the enzyme reverse transcriptase
  • requires genomic DNA
  • does not require ligation
  • does not require thought
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2. Which one of the following codons could be mutated to a stop codon by single base substitution (point mutation)?

  • ACU
  • UUU
  • UUA
  • UUC
  • AUC

3. When E.coli is grown on a mixture of lactose and glucose?

  • lactose is used first
  • glucose is used first
  • lactose and glucose are used at the same time
  • lactose is never used
  • lactose represses glycolysis

4. Single base substitution in the codon UUA (leu) to form UCA (ser) represents a...

  • missense mutation
  • silent mutation
  • nonsense mutation
  • transversion mutation
  • frameshift mutation

5. Generalised recombination:

  • is an additive process
  • requires extensive sequence similarity between two DNA sequences
  • does not require RecA protein
  • involves the enzyme transposase
  • involves site specific recombination


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