BMS1031 Bacterial Genetics Example Q's

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1. transposons:

  • all of the above
  • can generally insert into any DNA sequence
  • generate a small tandem sequence duplication when they transpose
  • have inverted repeats at each end
  • encode a transposase enzyme
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2. Genetic engineering generally requires the following resources?

  • DNA ligase
  • cloning vectors
  • a transformation system
  • all of the above
  • restriction enzymes

3. In the presence of L-arabinose and absence of glucose which transcription factors are bound to the upstream promoter region of E.coli araBAD operon?

  • CRP and AraC
  • Lacl repressor and AraC
  • CRP protein
  • lacl repressor
  • AraC protein

4. The ligand that binds to E.coli Lacl repressor is:

  • lactose (allolactose)
  • glucose
  • cyclic AMP
  • galactose
  • glycerol

5. The trp operon attenuation mechanism..

  • relies on the coupling of transcription and translation
  • requires the binding of the TrpR repressor
  • relies on the coupling of replication and translation
  • relies on the coupling of replication and translation


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