BMS1031 Bacterial Genetics Example Q's

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1. Which one of the following codons could be mutated to a stop codon by single base substitution (point mutation)?

  • UUA
  • UUU
  • ACU
  • AUC
  • UUC
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2. Horizontal (lateral) gene transfer in bacteria can occur via:

  • transcription
  • recombination
  • cojugation
  • replication
  • transposition

3. which codon serves as the start codon in mRNA for translation?

  • AUG
  • UGG
  • AGU
  • UGA

4. To express a eukaryotic gene in a bacterium:

  • all of the above
  • A. a bacterial expression vector must be used
  • B. firstly cDNA has to be synthesised from the mature mRNA before cloning the gene
  • A and B
  • C. the genomic DNA first needs to be cloned from the eukaryotic genome

5. Mutations in lacO, the operator of the lac operon prevent:

  • binding of CRP
  • binding of Lacl repressor
  • none of the above
  • binding of RNA polymerase
  • expression of the lac operon


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