BMS1031 Bacterial Genetics Example Q's

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1. Mutation of an adenine bas to guanine base in DNA is called...

  • a silent mutation
  • a transition mutation
  • a frameshift mutation
  • a transversion mutation
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2. Lambda bacteriophage:

  • always integrates into the hosts chromosome
  • never lyses the host cell
  • can enter either a lytic or lysogenic growth phase
  • always lyses the host cell
  • is transfered via conjugation

3. The ligand that binds to the E.coli CRP (CAP) protein is:

  • cyclic AMP
  • arabinose
  • cycteine
  • glucose
  • tryptophan

4. cis-acting operator DNA sequences generally display:

  • dyad symmetry
  • symmetry
  • none of the above
  • no symmetry
  • super symmetry

5. In the presence of L-arabinose and absence of glucose which transcription factors are bound to the upstream promoter region of E.coli araBAD operon?

  • CRP protein
  • CRP and AraC
  • Lacl repressor and AraC
  • lacl repressor
  • AraC protein


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