BMS1026 microbiology

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1. to prevent DNA unwinding under extreme temperatures bacteria can:

  • have an increased activity in proton pumps
  • have reverse DNA gyrase enzymes
  • have heat shock proteins
  • increase hydrophobic core in proteins
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2. syphilis causes which symptoms?

  • painless chancre, fever and neurological
  • painful chancre
  • urethritis, pid and cervicitis
  • mild vaginitis, salpingitis and pid

3. which of these isnt a class of protozoan

  • flagellates
  • polyhedral
  • sarcondia
  • ciliates
  • apicomplexans

4. which pathogen is transmitted by inhaling bacteria in fine water droplets from shower heads and air con systems?

  • influenza
  • rhabdovirus
  • legionella pneumophilia
  • mycobacterium tuberculosis

5. which of these is not a virulence factor?

  • high pathogenicity
  • flagella to aid motility
  • low infectivity
  • adhesions to aid in cell attachment


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