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2. viruses are:

  • facultative anaerobes
  • obligate aerobes
  • obligate intracellular parasites
  • facultative intracellular parasites

3. infectious diseases are those that:

  • are easily transmitted through contact with infected individual
  • are caused by microorganisms and are transmittable
  • are caused by microorganisms but are not transmittable
  • require a vector/transfer of bodily fluids to transfer disease causing particles

4. which of these is not a virulence factor?

  • adhesions to aid in cell attachment
  • high pathogenicity
  • low infectivity
  • flagella to aid motility

5. which product is not commonly produced from GMO organisms with recombinant DNA:

  • antibiotics
  • factor 8
  • human growth hormone
  • insulin


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