BMS1026 microbiology

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1. rickettsia species:

  • are found in dog, human and rodent reservoirs
  • all of the answers
  • replicate at the site of bite wound causes necrosis
  • have arthropod vectors
  • cause haemorrhaging (rash)
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2. which of the following is not a form of asexual reproduction in fungi?

  • production of zygospores
  • hyphal fragmentation
  • production of sporangiospores
  • budding

3. syphilis causes which symptoms?

  • painless chancre, fever and neurological
  • painful chancre
  • urethritis, pid and cervicitis
  • mild vaginitis, salpingitis and pid

4. which of these is an indirect way to measure bacterial growth

  • flow cytometer
  • optical density
  • microscopy
  • counting CFUs

5. autotroph mutants are used during which process

  • production of amino acids
  • production of beer
  • enhanced oil recovery
  • producing sugar substitutes


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