BMS1026 microbiology

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1. what is the term used to describe microbes that prefer anaerobic conditions but can respire aerobically

  • obligate anaerobes
  • facultative aerobes
  • microaerophiles
  • facultative anaerobes
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2. when pathogens are phagocytosed which of the following does not occur?

  • release of toxic granules causing membrane pores to form
  • release of digestive enzymes from lysosomes
  • respiratory burst causing formation of oxidising agents
  • induction of nitric oxides which act as microbicidial agents

3. which of these isnt a class of protozoan

  • sarcondia
  • polyhedral
  • ciliates
  • flagellates
  • apicomplexans

4. the phase of metabolism in which complex materials are broken down into simpler molecules with the release of energy is known as

  • heterothrophy
  • autotrophy
  • catabolism
  • anabolism

5. which of these is not transferred via contaminated water

  • leptospira interogans
  • legionella pneumophila
  • listeria monocytogenes
  • schistosomase


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