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2. which stage in a malarial infection do merozoites form from a dividing schizont

  • sporogonic stage
  • exoerythrocytic stage
  • erythrocytic stage
  • exosporogoinc stage

3. during the lysogenic cycle of viral replication:

  • viral DNA is integrated into the hosts DNA
  • the virus is replicated as a whole unit
  • the host cell is destroyed by lysis
  • the viral DNA replicates along side the hosts

4. grapes are harvested for win production when:

  • the ascorbic acid to glucose ration increases
  • the malic acid to sucrose ratio decreases
  • the ascorbic acid to sucrose ration decreases
  • the malic acid to sucrose ratio increases

5. infectious diseases are those that:

  • are caused by microorganisms and are transmittable
  • are caused by microorganisms but are not transmittable
  • are easily transmitted through contact with infected individual
  • require a vector/transfer of bodily fluids to transfer disease causing particles


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