BMS1026 microbiology

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1. which of the following is not a form of asexual reproduction in fungi?

  • production of sporangiospores
  • production of zygospores
  • hyphal fragmentation
  • budding
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2. during the production of citric acid, pelleted morphology is used to:

  • disrupt the tca cycle
  • enhance the tca cycle
  • increase yeild
  • increase efficiency

3. which pathogen requires a very high infectious dose

  • salmonella typhi
  • vibrio cholerae
  • E.coli 0157
  • niesseria gonorrhoeae

4. which of these isnt a class of protozoan

  • polyhedral
  • apicomplexans
  • sarcondia
  • ciliates
  • flagellates

5. which of the following is false about gram negative bacteria?

  • has less rigid cell wall
  • has a thicker layer of pepridoglycan
  • stains red under gram staining
  • has two cell membranes
  • surface studded with lipopolysaccharides


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