BMS1026 microbiology

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1. which of these is not a method used by cells to maintain pH

  • high number of cation transport channels
  • increased H+ impermeability
  • increase in saturated fatty acids in the membrane
  • presence of cytoplasmic buffering molecules
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2. stimulating inflammation by degranulation causing the release of histamine is a feature of which immune cell?

  • monocyte
  • mast cell
  • natural killer cell
  • t killer cell

3. which of these are symptoms of rabies (rhabdovirus)

  • all of the answers
  • respiratory paralysis
  • excessive salivation
  • hydrophobia
  • muscle spasms

4. which of the following is not a form of asexual reproduction in fungi?

  • budding
  • production of zygospores
  • production of sporangiospores
  • hyphal fragmentation

5. b cells producing antibodies in response to specific antigens is part of the:

  • innate response
  • phagocytosis response
  • humoral response
  • cell mediated response


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