Blood Brothers Quiz

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You can also check out BBC Bitesize as they have videos on Blood Brothers which are useful.

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1. Where was the play set ?

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Cardiff
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2. The quote 'Sexier than Marilyn Monroe' has been used alot during this play. Which of these quotes doesn't exist in the play?

  • 'They said the bride was lovelier than Marilyn Monroe'
  • 'For a girl they say who looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe'
  • 'He said you dance like Marilyn Monroe'
  • 'With a wife he said was twice the size of Marilyn Monroe'
  • 'He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe'

3. Mrs Johnstone gave up Edward for many reasons, which of these is not a reason explained in the play?

  • Mrs Johnstone knew her child would have a better life with Mrs Lyons
  • Mrs Lyon was presurred into wanting a baby
  • Mrs Lyons persuaded her by using superstition
  • One less mouth to feed

4. What social class was Mrs Johnstone?

  • Working
  • Upper
  • Middle

5. Does Mrs Johnstone tell Mickey and Edward that they are twins?

  • Yes, Before Mickey shoots Edward
  • She was going to but it was too late



Ah 70% I missed the 'working' one ): Really enjoyed this!

Paul Dutton

A popular way to revise, a good set of questions on this text.

Kieron Mosley

WogWan Pifftin Wots Yor BBM Pin

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