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2. Living on the "never never" means:

  • You never buy what you want.
  • Have now pay later.
  • You pay less for your purchases.
  • You never will be charged for your purchases.

3. Dancing is a motif in Blood Brothers. What does it represent?

  • hate
  • jealousy
  • Craefreeness.
  • love

4. What effect did this government have have on society?

  • The poor got richer.
  • It meant that every one had to look out for themselves.
  • Everyone was seen a being part of a community.
  • The rich gave more to the poorer in society .

5. Sammy threatens the bus conductor with a knife because:

  • he was rude to him
  • he awore at him usinf the F word
  • he wouldn't give him a child's fare.
  • he had a knife


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