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What time is blood brothers set
between 1960s to 1980s
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example of problems people faced in the early 1980s
rising unemployment and reccession.
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references of blood brothers set in 1970 and 1960
"shrinking pound" and "rising price of oil"
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two main setting in blood brothers
liverpool and skelsmedale
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working class houseing in liverppol
poor quaity housing near factories and docks where they worked
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where middle class was located in liverpool
affluent parts of the city, with plenty of green housing
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key theme of childhood and growth with inda edward and mickey
Mickey, edward and linda years are presented in a very positive light in the play. A quick sequencescenes show thegoing out together to places like the beach and the rifle range> the narrator emphasis carefreethey are at this time
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what time period did teenagers become a properly recognised age group
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term youth culture
behaviour and interests of teenagers
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What feelings did the beatles repesent
young and care free
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what was the structureof most families in britain
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after losing their jos, what did some men turn to support famlies
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wat did mickey represent during margret thratcher time
micke represnts the many working-class men who became uneployed in this periiod. He loses his job, signonto the dole espite three months of desprately searching for wok,he cant find anything. This leads tooression and prompts to crim
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what education was midlle class children
private schools
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what did university often lead too
university and well paid jobs
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what did working class children do after school
support their families, with often low paid jobs with little oppurtunity to progress
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in context how did mr lyon deal with his secretary
He showed no compassion toward, iss jones when he firesher. His own job as the factory manager is secure, so he simply dismisses he by saying "its just anothe sign/ of the times"
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what sammy represents in context to crime
sammy involved in crime. sammy has been on the dole since 16.there no mention of sammy havin a job. sammy eem to chosen crime over emloyment.
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context of liverpool poor housing
after world war 2, liverpool begn rebuilding to replace housing los during bomb raids so huge new estatesof council housing were built but were construucted chealy and quickly and had no heating and tioliets.-johnstone housing
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how is edward house describe to be different to johntone size and outdoor space
"big" and "up by the park"
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what did some people feel to be rehoused
some thought it was a opportunity for a better life.
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what was mrs jonstone attitude to being rehoused
overjoyed when her family are rehoused in skelsmedale and has very idealistic ideas of what it will be like there
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quote of mrs jonstone better life to skelsmedale
we'll be alright out her... away frm the muckan;the dirt"
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why marhet thracther closed down factories
She felt that British manufacturing industry had become uncompetitive and saw the cause as weak employers
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example of problems people faced in the early 1980s


rising unemployment and reccession.

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references of blood brothers set in 1970 and 1960


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two main setting in blood brothers


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working class houseing in liverppol


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