Block 2 facts and figures

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High employment
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Women managers
33% UK, 35% EU average
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Woman with degrees
Child has no effect on job
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Wage shares with age
Men gain more of the share as age increases
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Against child marriage because
Poverty risk; drop out of school; no voice; lack of contraception
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Sub-Saharan Africa...
... sees a lot of FGM
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Domestic violence
90% of women in sub-Saharan Africa think it's okay
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Domestic violence in the UK
2 women killed each week
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Saudi Arabia & Yemen
Being gay is punishable by death
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India, 2013
Criminalised gay marriage
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Ages of consent (based on sexual orientation)
Gay: 18 - Straight: 16 - Lesbian: No age of consent
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If there are no laws on gay marriage...
... then it cannot take place
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Russia and attitudes to gays
Associates gays with *********
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Section 28; she wanted strong traditional family structures
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John Major
Single mothers are a drain on the economy
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New Labour
Repealed Section 28
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Broken Britain
London 2012 riots; lack of father figures
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Canal St
Gay area/town in Manchester; makes a city look cosmopolitan
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Gay villages/areas
On the decline; gays feel comfortable in most areas now
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The main difference in income inequality is...
... national borders
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Fall in wages for workers; wages increased under democrats and stagnated under Republicans
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Gini co-efficient of some countries
UK 0.36; USA 0.38; Germany: 0.30; France 0.29
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New Deal
FDR; progressive tax; 1930s (post economic crash)
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Great Society
LBJ; New Deal continued; Civil Rights movement; loss of the South
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Rich got richer, poor got poorer; $2M+ earners saw tax drop from 67% to 49%; votes from patriotism
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The USA...
... tolerates high inequality
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The socially acceptable poor; got richer because more women were in work for longer and national insurance increased
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New Labour targeted...
Couples with children, regardless of sexual orientation; the future
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Social construct; a woman will behave a certain way just because she is a woman
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Attitudes towards women are...
... changing; Iceland, 1975; primarily working in the service sector
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UK employment by gender
Increased for women, since 1993; decreased for men, since 1993; men with children, and women without, have higher employment rates
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Duration of women's employment has...
... grown from 1993-2003 because of increase in pension age
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33% UK, 35% EU average


Women managers

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Child has no effect on job


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Men gain more of the share as age increases


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Poverty risk; drop out of school; no voice; lack of contraception


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