Blackmail Quiz

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1. If the person to whom the threat is made is known by the defendant to be particularly timid, then threats which do not affect the normal person can still be taken as menaces

  • Herbert
  • Bevans
  • Garwood
  • Shah
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2. The key aspect about the unwarranted demand test under s21(1) is that the belief must be genuinely held, can be moral rather than legal belief

  • True
  • False

3. In the case of Collister and Warhurst, D overheard policeofficers discussing dropping charges in return for payment, what type of demand is this?

  • Implied
  • Express

4. A demand is made when the defendant has done all he or she can to ____

  • Communicate the demand
  • Kill the victim

5. Menaces includes violence, threats of any action detrimental to or unpleasant to the person addressed or warnings of such action, which case is this from

  • Harvey
  • Thorne v Motor Trade Association
  • Collister and Warhurst


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