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2. The mens rea of blackmail is that the defendant must have an intention to make a demand with menaces and

  • D must do so with a view to gain for himself or another, or, with an intent to cause a loss to another
  • D must have made an unwarranted demand with menaces

3. The defendant must hold a belief that is generally viewed as moral, if it is generally viewed as immoral then there is no defence, under the unwarranted demand test (S21(1))

  • True
  • False

4. Part b) of the two tests set out in S21(1) is

  • D believed that the use of menaces was a proper means of reinforcing the demand
  • D believed that he or she had reasonable grounds for making a demand

5. Blackmail is under which section of which Act?

  • S21 Theft Act 1968
  • S2 Theft Act 1968
  • S21 Fraud Act 2006


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