Black Power

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1. At the March Against Fear through Mississippi, who made a militant speech which urged people to demand 'Black Power'?

  • Stokely Carmichael
  • James Meredith
  • Martin Luther King
  • James Bevel
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2. When did James Meredith lead a 'march against fear' through Mississippi?

  • June 1967
  • June 1968
  • June 1966
  • June 1965

3. What was Black Power?

  • The demand for more black people to be put in powerful government positions.
  • The rejection of the idea of integration and, in some cases, a demand for a separate black society.
  • Peaceful, non-violent protest to make the white politicians in power appear to be the enemies so black people may be given powr instea.

4. What was the symbol of the Lowndes County Freedom Organisation?

  • A black panther
  • A black eagle
  • A tiger
  • An African elephant

5. What was the Lowndes County Freedom Organisation's slogan?

  • "Vote for the elephant, then go home"
  • "Vote for the panther, then go home"
  • "Vote for the eagle, then go home"
  • "Vote for the tiger, then go home"


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