Black Power

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1. At the March Against Fear through Mississippi, who made a militant speech which urged people to demand 'Black Power'?

  • James Bevel
  • James Meredith
  • Stokely Carmichael
  • Martin Luther King
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2. What was the symbol of the Lowndes County Freedom Organisation?

  • A tiger
  • A black panther
  • A black eagle
  • An African elephant

3. When did James Meredith lead a 'march against fear' through Mississippi?

  • June 1966
  • June 1968
  • June 1965
  • June 1967

4. What was the Lowndes County Freedom Organisation's slogan?

  • "Vote for the eagle, then go home"
  • "Vote for the elephant, then go home"
  • "Vote for the panther, then go home"
  • "Vote for the tiger, then go home"

5. On which day of the March Against Fear through Mississippi was James Meredith shot?

  • On the 3rd day
  • On the 2nd day
  • On the 1st day
  • On the 4th day


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