Black Americans (sorry for my spelling)

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European Explorer given credit for discovering America in 1492
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A person 'owned' by another
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Continent where the black slaves were captured
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Triangular Trade Route
Route which went from Europe to Africa to America them back to europe
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John Hawkins
Inventor of the Tringular Trade Route
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Liverpool, London, Glasgow and Bristol
Ports which flourished due to the Triangular Trade Route
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Middle Passage
The journey from Africa to America
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Slave Forts
Places where slaves stayed until there were enough slaves to be deported
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Tight Packing
Where slaves has to lie on their sides
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Loose Packing
Where slaves were allowed to lie on their backs
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Slave Auction
Where slaves were sold to the highest bidder
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Where the initials of the 'owner' was burned onto the slave
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The south
The part of America where slaves were most commonly used
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A large farm which only grew one crop
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Cotton / Tobacco
Plants commonly grown in plantations
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Cotton Gin
A machine made by Eli Whitney which seperated cotton seeds from the Fuzz
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Where one or more slaves refused to obey they 'master' or escaped
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House Servant
A slave who looked after a plantation owner's house
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Field Hand
A slave employed to do the harvesting and seeding of the crop
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A person employed to keep the slaves working by any means possible
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Slave Code
A list of rules that every slave had to follow or face a punishment
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Where the plantation owner lived
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Slave Hut
A tight, uncomfortable place where slaves slept
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Nat Turner
Famous leader of a slave rebellion who was executed in 1831
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Underground Railway
A place to the north where slaves could use to escape slavery
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An escaped slave
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Hymns and songs sung by slaves to keep hopes up for freedom and to maintain spirit
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A person who wanted the slave trade to be abolished
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American Civil War
A battle in 1861 between the northern and southern states who wanted for America to stay as one and for the northern and southern states to be divided
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Supporter of the northern states
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Union Army
Army of the northern states
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Confederate Army
Army of the southern states
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William Wilberforce
Britis polititian who campaigned against slave trade and helped bring an end to British involvment in 1807
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Abraham Lincon
President of the USA at the time of the civil war, who wanted to end slavery in America. Eventually assassinated
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Ku Klux Klan
White terrorist gang who wanted to prevent black people ever being free in America
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Official freeing of all slaves
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Policy introduced in southern states that forced black people to live life seperately from the whites
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Martin Luther King
Black civil rights leader who campaigned for eqaulity between black and white people in the 1960's. Evenually Assassinated
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A person 'owned' by another



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Continent where the black slaves were captured


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Route which went from Europe to Africa to America them back to europe


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Inventor of the Tringular Trade Route


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