Clearing of trees, transforms forests into plains
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Uncovered in deforestation, fossil fuel like ethanol in swamps
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Variety of species making an ecosystem
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Increasing population (People)
More housing, mining in large areas, more food and farmland, creates waste and needs to be stored
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Increasing population (Resources)
Need more raw material, fossils fuels will run out and will pollute the Earth
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Increasing population (Water)
Waste in the water like sewage, contaminates water. Use indicator species like Mayfly indicates clean and snail means dirty
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Increasing population (Air)
To provide energy more fuels used like burning coal and oil, increases pollution
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Greenhouse effect
Sunlight hits Earth and reflects, CO2 in atmosphere trap heat and warm the Earth from fossil fuels
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Effects of Global Warming
Migration changes, species distribution change due to heat and loss of habitat due to flooding
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Preventing Global Warming
Nuclear power, renewable energy sources, Kyoto agreement reduces CO2 levels
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Methods of conservation
Breeding programmes, Protection, reduce deforestation, recycling
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Sustainable, Mycoprotein= protein made of fungi, cheap, contains little fat, produces biomass from food faster than any animal
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Oxygen for respiration, mix microorganisms evenly to keep temperature even. Or genetically modified bacteria to increase growth
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Intensive Farming
The manner to obtain maximum yield when farming, can increase production by antibiotics and temperature or decrease food chain to keep the most energy
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Threat to biodiversity
Unsustainable fisheries and increased pollution, ecosystems could degrade and destroyed
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Depleting fish population
Over-fishing, pollution, disrupting habitats
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Preserving fish populations
Fish farms (controlled farms with high protein so less fish needed), Fishing quotas (certain amount of fish caught)
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Uncovered in deforestation, fossil fuel like ethanol in swamps

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Increasing population (People)


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Increasing population (Resources)


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