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Name industries that involve yeast
rising of dough, beer making, wine making
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What is yeast?
A single celled fungus, which needs sugar for food
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What is the word equation for fermentation by yeast?
glucose - yeast - = carbon dioxide + a little energy (alcohol)
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Name industries that involve bacteria?
Cheese and yoghurt making
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Name a different fermentation process (not yeast)
the souring of milk
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State the aerobic respiration equation ?
glucose+oxygen = carbon dioxide+water+lots of energy
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State the anaerobic respiration equation?
glucose - yeast - = carbon dioxide + a little energy (alcohol)
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What conditions do yeast need?
temperature, food source(glucose/maltose) and sterile conditions(no competition)
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What is batch processing?
All the ingredients are added to large tanks and after a period of time the product is removed
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Why must barley be malted in the brewing process?
So that the starch change into maltose sugar. then yeast feed on the maltose sugar and change it into alcohol.
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State the fermentation of lactose equation?
lactose sugar, bacteria = lactic acid
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How can environments be damaged by untreated sewage?
fish die and other organisms can also die
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What are 3 diseases caused by untreated sewage?
typhoid, cholera, and dynestry.
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What should you do when working with microbes in the lab?
tie hair back, wear lab coat, wash hands = to avoid contamination
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Why are bacteria needed in the sewage treatment works?
for the breakdown of harmful sewage into harmless sewage
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Bacteria at the sewage works need oxygen. How is this provided?
large siring machines, filter beds of stones = increase o2 levels
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Name 2 useful products made from wastes?
biofuel (made from methane) Animal feed (made from proteins)
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What are alcohol and methane products of?
Alcohol fermentation
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What is the advantage of using fuel from fermentation rather than fossil fuels?
Fossil fuels are running out and they cause pollution
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What does asexual reproduction mean?
only one parent is involved in reproducing offspring
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What do microbes carry out?
asexual reproduction - very quickly
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Microbes can be used to make protein rich food like....
animal feed or quorn for humans to eat
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Why is high temp steam cleaning needed in labs?
to kill resistant spores
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Bacteria are important in the recycling of what?
carbon and nitrogen
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In the carbon cycle.. bacteria...
decompose organisms and release carbon dioxide
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In the nitrogen cycle.. bacteria..
decompose organisms and release nitrogen
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Describe the nitrogen cycle?
bacteria change nitrogen to ammonia. bacteria change the ammonia to nitries. bacteria change the nitries to nitrates. bacteria also change nitrates back to nitrogen.
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Where do bacteria gain energy from?
decomposing organisms
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Why does the complete breakdown of sewage require aerobic conditions?
because the bacteria need oxygen in order to break down the sewage
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Why are a range of microbes needed at a sewage works?
there are lots of different types of sewage, each type of microbe only break down one type of sewage. this is why a range is required
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What are the advantages of upgrading waste?
saves energy, increase protein levels - make animal food
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What are bacteria controlled by?
their chromosomes
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Genetic engineering is when?
a gene from one organism can be inserted into a different organism
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What is an example of a product from genetic engineering?
insulin - used by diabetics to control blood sugar levels
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What do biological detergents contain?
enzymes which are produced by bacteria
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What are antibiotics used for?
to kill bacteria
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State one advantage of G.E
larger quantities of products can be made at a faster rate
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What is the advantage of G.E over S.B
G.E is faster, get desired product
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Why is their a greater demand for more insulin?
the population is getting larger - more diabetics
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Why do bio detergents work better?
enzymes are present which digest stains
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Advantages of bio detergents are?
clean clothes better. require lower temps - saves energy
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Immobilisation is when?
substances are trapped in jelly beads so they can be used again and are not wasted
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Continuous flow processing is when...
substances are continually added to a large fermenter, pass over immobilised beads and product is continually produced
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What is yeast?


A single celled fungus, which needs sugar for food

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What is the word equation for fermentation by yeast?


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Name industries that involve bacteria?


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Name a different fermentation process (not yeast)


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