Biospheres and Biomes

Waterburg Biosphere
Low mountain ranges. Poor soil. Plenty water. Vareity of animals.
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Kruger Biosphere
Largest bioshpere. Large variety of animals. mMostly flat with some gorges. Huge ecotorism pull.
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Cape Coast Biosphere
Flat with sharply rising rocky mountains. Wetlands. Fynbos.
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Kegleburg Biosphere
Humid Caostal. Flat decline to the sea. Large fishing industry
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Succulenent Karoo Biome
Hot and dry. Flat and windy. succulent because of "succulents" -catacuses. Thick, water-clogged plants with thin spiny leaves. Not alot of animal life.
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Nama Karoo Biome
Hot. dry summers and bitterly cold winters. Mostly shrubs and bushes but trees do grow near temorary rivers. ANimans are mostly a small an adapted to harsh conditions. Mostly flat with few rocky outcrops.
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Fybos Biome
Cool wet winters and hot dry summers. Mostly flat with a few hills. Covered in small evergreen shrubs called fynvos. Large, diversese anaimal poulation.
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Savannah/Bushveld Biome
Hot, dry summers with cool wet wibters . Large expanses of grassland with patches of trees, mainly acacia. Mostly flat with rocky, low mountains. Huge very diverse animal population.
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Forrest Biome
Warmest climate with very little seasonal changes. Mountains with steepish inlclines and deep valleys. Huge trees with many ferns and mosses beneath the canaopy. eromous bird population with some small ground based animals.
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Grassland Biome
Cold, dry winters and summers with thunder storms. ernomous spans of grassland with few trees near ources of water. Very flat with few perenial rrivers. Large, diverse animal population.
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Currents, saltinity, pressure, depth and tempreature all influence dispersal of plant and animal life. At the base of the food chain of phytoplanton (tiny plants) and zooplankton (tiny animals)
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Coral Reef
Found in warmer currents, made by tiny animals called polyps. These are also used for shelters by a huge variety of sea life.
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Always start on high ground (mountains)) in land mostly from melted water, Home to a large variety of fresh water fish, crustoceans, worms and mouuses. Lots of rivers are undergoing eotrophication
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Found inland where the ground that a river flows through levels out, causing the water to spread out. This saturates the ground with water causing it to get waterclogged. This is a natural water filter and great habitat for anis!
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Where riveers meet sea. Conditions in the water vary widly depending on the tide. If its coming in, the water is salty, if its going out, the water is salty.
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Kruger Biosphere


Largest bioshpere. Large variety of animals. mMostly flat with some gorges. Huge ecotorism pull.

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Cape Coast Biosphere


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Kegleburg Biosphere


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Succulenent Karoo Biome


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