Biosciences multiple choice questions

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1. Which side of the heart contains oxygenated blood?

  • Both Sides
  • Both the atria and the ventricles
  • Only the right side
  • Only the left side
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2. which of the following are passive processes

  • simple diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion
  • active transport, movement, osmosis
  • diffusion, osmosis and active transport
  • diffusion, active transport and ventilation

3. the airway is protected during swallowing because

  • the pharynx moves down to cover the oesophagus
  • the larynx moves up and is covered by the epiglottis
  • the pharynx moves up and is covered by the epiglottis
  • the larynx moves down to cover the trachea

4. Human beings are able to maintain a certain constancy of their internal environment. This statement refers to:

  • positive feedback mechanisms work
  • the homeostasis of the body
  • physiology of the vascular system
  • direct control of cell activities by nucleus

5. the valves that prevent back flow of blood during ventricular contraction are the

  • left atrio ventricular and aortic valves
  • right and left atrio ventricular valves
  • right atria ventricular and pulmonary valves
  • aortic and pulmonary valves


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