1. what two things does the non-specific immune system do?

  • tells the specific immunity to kill the pathogen
  • completely kills the pathogen so that is never enters the body.
  • Search the body to see if we have recongise this pathogen and create a defence against it ( the same defence for every pathogen)
  • searches the antibodies to kill that virus and make a copy of it for future reference
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2. Which two are examples of non-specific immunity?

  • Mucus membrane and Tongue
  • Mucus membrane and feet
  • Muscus membrane and skin
  • Muscus membrane and blood

3. The acquired immune system has its own white blood cells, which have a specific job, these are?

  • T and B lymphocytes
  • T and B and D Lymphocytes
  • A and B Lymphocytes
  • T and D Lymphocytes

4. what is an antigen

  • anything that causes the body to ID a pathogen and build antibodies against it
  • anything that causes the body to ID a pathogen
  • anything that causes an allergic reaction
  • anything that makes us cough

5. What is the name of the white blood cells which has full VIP access to the whole body, Apart from specific areas such as the brain and the spinal cord

  • mast cells
  • leukocytes
  • monocytes
  • macrophages


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