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whats in the nervous system
a specialised network of cells that collect, process and respond to information in the environment split into the central nervous system and peripheral system
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central nervous system (CNS)
brain and spinal cord
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centre of all concious awareness the brains outer layer is called the cerebral cortex giving us higher mental functions spilt into two hemispheres
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spinal cord
extension from the brain responsible for reflex actions.
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What is the peripheral nervous system
transmits messages via millions of neurons to and from the brain which is divided into two sub systems.
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what are the two sub systems
autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system
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somatic nervous system what does it do
controls muscle movement and receives information from sensory receptors
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Autonomic system
governs viral functions in the body such as breathing heart rated and digestion as well as stress responces
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what is the autonomic split into
the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
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what does the parasympathetic and sympathetic system do
the sympathetic system handles the body when it is in a stressful situation like the flight and flight system speeding up heart rate diluting the pupil size and the parasympathetic system is the normal relaxed system
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endocrines system
instructs glands to release hormones and are carried towards organs in the body
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where is adrenalin produced and what does it do
its produce in the adrenal gland and is part of the stress response and it increase heard rate and inhibs digestion as well as other things.
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types of neuron
motor neuron, relay neuron and sensory neuron these neurons are nerve cells in the human nervous system that transmit signals electrically and chemically
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what does the motor neuron do and describe it
connects the cns to effectors such as muscles which have short dendrites and long axons
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relay neurons
connects the sensory neurons to the motor neurons and to other relay neurons short dendrites and short axon
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sensory neurons
carry messages from the pns to the cns long dendrites and short axons
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describe the structure of a neuron
has a cell body that includes a nucleas and has branch like dendrites which take data from other neuron and the axon takes signals away from the cell body which is covered by a fatty layer called the myelin sheath which speeds up and protects it
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pt 2 stucture of neuron
the axon is separated out by nodes of Ranvier ended by terminal buttons that communicate with the next neuron across the gap called the synaps
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chemical transmission
communicate with each other in groups called neural networks signals are transmitted within neurons are electrical but across its chemically transmitted
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synaptic transmission
electrical impulse reaches the pre synaptic terminal and it triggers the release of neurotransmitters from sacs called synaptic versicles this travels to the postsynaptic site to be converted back to electricity
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What is the peripheral nervous system


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