Biomarker Lecture (AEP 1)

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1. Teratogenicity

  • Chemicals that cause abnormal development in progency
  • Chemicals that cause problems for the mother by not her offspring
  • Chemicals that harm both the parents and their offspring
  • Chemical that damages DNA
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2. What is metabolic activation?

  • Whereby an organisms mistakenly turns a fairly innocuous compound into something much more toxic
  • Production of a ligand mimic
  • A chemical that was toxic turned into something less damaging
  • Process of releasing energy from food

3. Which is not the two types of biomarker?

  • Measuring the amount of transcription within a cell
  • Measuring the induction of stress response systems
  • Measuring the inhibition of luxury functions

4. What creatures are particularly vulnerable to ingesting pollution?

  • Limnetic
  • Euphotic
  • Benthic
  • Littoral

5. What is sequestration?

  • Organism moves away from the source of pollution
  • The process of turning an active agent into a form that is non-bio available
  • Process in which a chemical is built up for use
  • Agent rendered harmless


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