Biology Unit Two Quiz

This quiz will ask questions covering everything on the Biology Unit 2 GCSE AQA specification

1. How is the root hair cell adapted to fullfil it's function of absorbing minerals?

  • It has a smaller volume
  • It has a larger surface area
  • It has a larger volume
  • It has a small surface area
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2. How does surface area affect diffusion?

  • The greater the surface area the faster diffusion occurs
  • The greater the surface are the slower diffusion occurs
  • Surface area does not affect diffusion

3. What happens if the temperature is too high in photosynthesis?

  • The rate of photosynthesis decreases
  • The rate of photosynthesis increases

4. What is a yeast cell bud in a yeast cell?

  • It holds the nucleus; so the nucleus does not react with the acid in the cytoplasm it is stored in a separate area
  • It is a genetic copy of the original cell, which separates to form another yeast cell
  • It is this cell's version of a vacuole
  • This is just a made up feature

5. Give one disadvantage of using stem cells.

  • Removes pressure from NHS trying to cure people
  • Diseases could be less common, or ever no longer exist
  • Could lead to cloning humans
  • They can transform into any cell in the body


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