Biology Unit Two Quiz

This quiz will ask questions covering everything on the Biology Unit 2 GCSE AQA specification

1. What is the purpose of xylem and phloem tissue in a plant?

  • To carry out photosynthesis
  • To transport substances around the plant
  • To cover the plant and provide protection
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2. Give an disadvantage of using enzymes in washing powder.

  • Expensive to produce
  • Save on energy
  • Work with reduced temperatures
  • Save on expensive equipment

3. What happens if the temperature is too high in photosynthesis?

  • The rate of photosynthesis decreases
  • The rate of photosynthesis increases

4. What is a person called when they have different alleles in their genotype?

  • Hetrozygous
  • Homozygous

5. What is the function of a vacuole in a plant cell?

  • Absorbs sunlight to make food
  • Provides strength and protection
  • Gives shape to the plant
  • Controls what moves in/out of the cell


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