Biology Unit Two Quiz

This quiz will ask questions covering everything on the Biology Unit 2 GCSE AQA specification

1. What are trace fossils?

  • Fossils made by an organism being pressed into soft sediment, leaving an imprint in the rock
  • Fossils made by the bones of an organism being replaced by minerals
  • Fossils made by an organism's footprint, burrow or root shapes
  • Fossils made by an organism being unable to decay due to conditions in the ground eg. acidity
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2. Do animal cells have a cell wall?

  • No
  • Yes
  • It depends what type of animal cell the cell is

3. Sometimes conditions change so quickly that many species die out at the same time. This is known as...

  • Mass extinction
  • Extinction
  • Speciation
  • Evolution

4. Polydactyly is caused by dominant alleles.

  • True
  • False

5. Where is the nucleus - which contains DNA - located in a bacterial cell?

  • One is in the cell wall, the other is in the cell membrane
  • A bacterial cell has no nucleus; the DNA is in the cytoplasm
  • In the cell wall
  • In the cell membrane
  • In the cytoplasm


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