Biology Unit 4

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1. What genetic diseases most often result in males being affected while women can be carriers?

  • Recessive genes
  • Sex linked genes (to the X chromosome)
  • Dominant genes
  • Sex linked genes (to the Y chromosome)
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2. Acetyl CoA combines with what molecule to form a 6C molecule?

  • 4C
  • 3C
  • 2C
  • 5C

3. What does acetate combine with in the link reaction?

  • Coenzyme A
  • Coenzyme B
  • Coenzyme C
  • Coenzyme X

4. Describes how an organism fits into its environment and its role.

  • Community
  • Ecological niche
  • Habitat
  • Population

5. Where does the electron transport chain take place?

  • cristae
  • matrix
  • cytoplasm


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