Biology Unit 4

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1. Name one disadvantage of using a biological control?

  • Do not act as quickly, so yield may continue to decrease for some time
  • Reproduces itself
  • Very specific
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2. Why is ATP a better immediate energy source than glucose?

  • ATP is closer to the organelles that need it
  • Each ATP molecule releases less energy than glucose molecules, meaning that less heat is released, which could denature cells and enzymes and ATP is broken down in one reaction (hydrolysis), releasing energy immediately
  • Glucose contains less energy

3. What is produced during anaerobic respiration?

  • Lactate/ethanol, CO2 (in plants) and little ATP
  • CO2, water and ATP

4. What is meant by the term 'demographic transition'?

  • Species evolving from to adapt to adverse conditions
  • A change in society from low life expectancy and high birth rates to one with long life expectancy and low birth rates
  • A change in animals and communities over time

5. What is meant by the term 'phenotype'?

  • The observable characteristics of an organism
  • The genetic constitution of an organism


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