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2. What is meant by the term 'decomposers'?

  • A group of organisms that break down dead producers and consumers into simple components, releasing valuable minerals and elements in a form that can be absorbed plants
  • Organisms that obtain their energy by feeding on other organisms rather than using the energy of sunlight directly
  • Tertiary consumers

3. Which 4 abiotic factors affect population size?

  • Temperature, light, pH and water/humidity
  • Wind, rain, sun and air
  • Predation and prey

4. What does an inorganic fertiliser consist of?

  • Minerals mined from rocks and deposits and blended to give the appropriate balance for a particular crop
  • Dead/decaying remains of plants and animal waste, e.g manure and bone meal

5. Briefly describe what happens during Krebs cycle?

  • Glucose molecule is split into 2 3-carbon pyruvate molecules
  • Electrons are used to synthesise ATP, producing water as a by-product
  • Acetylco-A is introduced into a cycle of oxidation-reduction reactions that yield some ATP and a large number of electrons
  • Pyruvate is split into CO2 and a 2-carbon molecule called acetylco-A


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