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2. Why is ATP sometimes referred to as the 'immediate energy source' of the cell?

  • The energy released is used up very quickly
  • The instability of the phosphate bonds means that it is broken down very quickly and easily
  • A lot of it is stored in the cell at any one time

3. What is meant by the term 'agricultural ecosystem'?

  • An ecosystem made up largely of domesticated animals and plants used to produce food for mankind
  • An ecosystem made up of a variety of organisms, all with different niches and habitats, left to develop naturally.

4. To study a habitat, it is often necessary to count the number of individuals of a species in a given space. This is known as ______?

  • Percentage
  • Abundance
  • Frequency

5. Define 'predation'?

  • One organism is consumed by the other
  • Large organisms eat smaller organisms
  • Populations are extinguished as resources are limited


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