Biology Unit 4

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1. Briefly describe what happens during glycolysis?

  • Glucose molecule is split into 2 3-carbon pyruvate molecules
  • Pyruvate is split into CO2 and a 2-carbon molecule called acetylco-A
  • Acetylco-A is introduced into a cycle of oxidation-reduction reactions that yield some ATP and a large number of electrons
  • Electrons are used to synthesise ATP, producing water as a by-product
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2. What is the formula for calculating percentage population growth?

  • (Births + immigration) - (deaths + emigration)
  • (Population change during period / population at the start of the period) x 100
  • (total number of individuals in the first sample) x (total number of individuals in the second sample) / number of marked individuals recaptured

3. Which type of reaction is used to re-form ATP from ADP + Pi?

  • Chemical
  • Condensation
  • Hydrolysis

4. This type of competition occurs when individuals of different species compete for resources

  • Interspecific
  • Intraspecific

5. This type of competition occurs when individuals of the same species compete for resources

  • Intraspecific
  • Interspecific


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