Biology unit 3 GCSE

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What does the term transpiration mean?
The loss of water through the leaves of the plant.The water leaves as a gas through the Stomata.
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What are the four main things our body needs to control?
Tempreture,Water,Glucose and Salt.
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What are stents?What is the process of putting a stent in blood vessel?
Stents can be inserted to keep blood vessels open.These are usually used for the coronary artery.A dilated balloon with a wire mesh is inserted in the heart and the metal stent is left there to keep arteries open.
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What do arteries do?
Carry blood away from the heart
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What do veins often have along their length?
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What are red blood cells?
biconcave discs(shape is dimpled inwards on both sides) which contain red pigment haemoglobin.
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What are white blood cells?
They form part of the body's defence system against microorganisms.(extra info)-they have a nucleus.
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What are platelets?
-small fragments of cells -do not have a nucleus -help blood to clot at site of a wound
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what does blood plasma transport?
CO2 from organs to lungs,soluble products of digestion from small intestine to other organs and urea from liver to kidneys where urine is made.
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what does the renal artery do?
brings blood containing urea and other substances in solution to the kidney
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what does renal vein do?
carries blood away from the kidney,after urea and other substances have been removed from blood.
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what does urethra do?
tube which urine passes to the outside of your body
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what does the ureter do?
tube through which urine passes from kidney to the bladder.
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main artery?
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main vein?
vena cava
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Following a transplant the recipient must take drugs to suppress the immune response to prevent rejection.What are these drugs called?
Immunosuppressant drugs.
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What hormone does the pancreas produce if there's too much glucose in our blood?
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what does insulin do?
cause blood glucose levels to fall
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what happens if glucose levels get too low?
receptors in the pancreas detect low level.
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if the pancreas detect low blood glucose what does the pancreas do about it?
releases the hormone glucagon.The glucose causes the glycogen(excess glucose in the liver for storage) in the liver to change into glucose.This glucose is released back into the blood.
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what are new methods being developed to try to cure type 1 diabetes?
Pancreas transplants,transplanting pancreas cekks,using smybryonic stem cells to produce insulin secreting cells,using adult stem cells from diabetic patients and genetically engineering pancreas cells to make them work properly.
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how is human insulin produced?
genetically engineered bacteria
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Acid rain can change pH,which damages roots and may release toxic minerals.TRUE OR FALSE?
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what's an example of what's released in acid rain?
aluminium ions are released which also dam,ages organisms in the soil and in the waterways
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what are the greenhouse gases that cause the greenhouse effect?
carbon dioxide and methane
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what are two types of biofuel?
ethanol-based fuels and biogas
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how is glucose produced?
from maize starch by the action of a carbohydrase
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what is the process of how ethanol is extracted that can be used as a fuel in moto vehicles?
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define distillation?
a process which seperates the components of a mixture on the basis of their different boiling points.
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what happens during biogas generators?
dung from people and animals,farm wasta and garden rubbish are brought into the generator.Methane for cooking,heating or refrigeration is brought out the generatior as well as slurry which can be used as a fertiliser.
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what does the fungus FUSARIUM produce?
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What are the four main things our body needs to control?


Tempreture,Water,Glucose and Salt.

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What are stents?What is the process of putting a stent in blood vessel?


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What do arteries do?


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What do veins often have along their length?


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