Biology Unit 3 (Further) active transport/diffusion QUIZ

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1. What is Active transport?

  • when substances move along a concentration gradient
  • the movement of cells
  • when substances move against a concentration gradient
  • When water passes into your blood
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2. Where does the energy for active transport come from?

  • Respiration
  • malting
  • fermentation
  • photosynthesis
  • transpiration

3. Why do plants use active transport?

  • for photosynthesis
  • to absorb mineral ions from a more dilute solution (soil)
  • to absorb water

4. some marine animals and birds use active transport?

  • True
  • False

5. Why does your body need oxygen?

  • for cellular respiration
  • protein synthesis
  • transpiration




are you sure the answers to question 8 + 10 are those? 

Jessi Andu


got 4 and 8 wrong 1st time and 8 took3 goes. is that really theanswer?

Sophie kendall


the answers to questions 8 and 10 are wrong

Sophie kendall


the answers to questions 8 and 10 are wrong

Alfie Khan


8 and 10 are wrong. It doesn't make sense. o.o

Fathimath Shaanaa


I've got an Indian Biology teacher and what he teaches doesn't match with the answers in this website. And this puts me into a vast confusion. So, should I finalise that the information provided in this website are 100% correct?



I have looked at the quiz and corrected the answers to question 8 and 10 for the user. Hopefully this corrects the confusion. Well done to those students who spotted the errors. 

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