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2. What can happen to your body if you eat to much sugar?

  • You can develop obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay
  • Your body will rot
  • Your body will take in too much sugar so you will start to get shaky
  • Nothing it will just go all funny

3. Why do we need a balanced diet?

  • To help us grow
  • To ensure healthy growth and development
  • Makes you loose weight
  • To give us energy

4. What happens if you drink too much fizzy drinks?

  • You can get ill
  • Side effects which include diet soda belly and cavities
  • Gives you a beer belly
  • Makes you fat

5. What is a balanced diet?

  • When someone has to have loads from one food group and only some from another food group
  • Dairy, Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Fruit&Veg
  • When someone has to have an equal amount of food from each food group
  • All 5 of the food groups


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