Biology Unit 1 Quiz

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1. Which of these are not a characteristic of osmosis?

  • Through a partially permeable membrane
  • Movement of water molecules
  • ATP is needed for energy
  • Down the water potential gradient
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2. What shape does the substrate have to be, in relation to the active site, to react?

  • Complementary
  • Allosteric
  • Round
  • Flexible

3. What site does a non-competitive inhibitor bind to?

  • Receptor Site
  • Protein Synthesis Site
  • Allosteric
  • Active Site

4. Whats the difference between diffusion and facilitated diffusion?

  • Facilitated diffusion goes through a partially permeable membrane
  • Facilitated diffusion uses carrier and channel proteins
  • Facilitated diffusion goes against the diffusion gradient
  • Facilitated diffusioon uses vesicles

5. Chemical reactions occuring in the body or cells are called?

  • Catabolism
  • Metabolism
  • Anabolism
  • Embolism




Sucrose is not a reducing sugar. Fructose is a reducing sugar. 

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