Biology Unit 1 Quiz

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1. Which of these is not true of inspiration?

  • Pressure decrease in thorax so the volume increases
  • Volume increases in thorax so pressure decreases
  • Diaphragm and External intercostal muscles contract
  • Ribcage moves up and out
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2. Which of these statements about B cells is false?

  • Produces specific antibodies
  • Produces memory cells
  • Produced in the Thymus gland
  • Cloned by mitosis

3. What does the Emulsion test consist of?

  • Add ethanol, shake vigorously, and add cold water
  • Add acid and boil, then neutralise and add Benedict's solution
  • Add sodium hydroxide and then 2 drops of copper sulphate
  • Add a few drops of iodine solution

4. Which of these statements about phosphlipids is true?

  • Both the head and tail are hydrophobic
  • The head is hydrophilic & the tail is hydrophobic
  • The tail is hydrophilic & the head is hydrophobic
  • Both the head and the tail are hydrophilic

5. Which of these is a part of the heart?

  • Atrium
  • Rings of Cartilage
  • Bronchus
  • Trachea


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