Biology- Transpiration

Quick quiz on the wonderful world of transpiration: Basic facts need for AQA GCSE Seperate Sciences Biology Module 3.

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1. Define transpiration.

  • Loss of water from leaf surface.
  • Loss of minerals from roots.
  • Loss of minerals from leaf surface.
  • Loss of water from roots.
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2. As water evaporates, in which part is more water pulled through the stem of the plant?

  • Roots.
  • Guard cells.
  • Stem.
  • Xylem vessels.
  • Stomata.

3. This process is known as...

  • The transpiration river.
  • The transcontinental movement.
  • The transpiration stream.
  • The transpiration movement.
  • The transcontinental stream.

4. Water is lost via the...

  • Roots.
  • Guard cells.
  • Stomata.
  • Xylem vessels.
  • Stem.

5. When the rate of photosynthesis increases, the rate of transpiration...

  • Increases.
  • Stays the same.
  • Decreases.
  • Stops.


Joanne Locke


OMG!! You have just proved that I will fail my exam on Friday!!!

Good quiz though

Megan Thomas


I think you got a bit confused with transpiration :S

Good quiz though (: even if some of the answers are wrong...



Oops, could you tell me which ones so I can correct them please? Quite worrying I don't know! Hahaa.



good quiz



this is great stuff-much thanks!



A useful little quiz to test your knowledge of plant transport after you have finished revising the topic.  This topic is found in most GCSE specifications.

I have changed one question to make it clearer since two answers could have been correct. It might be worth saying that stomata can close in the daytime if the plant is in danger of wilting, so transpiration can stop when a plant gets short of water.

Joshua Milligan


Хорошо, но вы не можете сказать правду

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