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What is movement?
Movement is the action taken by an organism causing a change in position or place.
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What is respiration?
Respiration is the chemical reaction that takes place inside cells to release energy.
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What is sensitivity?
Sensitivity is the ability to detect changes in the environment.
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What is growth?
Growth is a permanent increase in size causing an increase in cell number
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What is reproduction?
Reproduction is producing offspring. It is the process that makes the same organis
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What is excretion?
Excretion is the removal of waste products from the process of metabolism.
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What is nutrition?
Nutrition in animals-consuming large molecules and in plants by photosynthesis
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Characteristics of bacteria are:
Unicellular, no nucleus, cell wall called peptidoglycan, some have slime capsules, some are good and some bad
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Characteristics of protoctists are:
Unicellular, has a nuclues, has a cell wall called polysaccharide, engulfs enzymes as nutrition.
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Characteristics of fungi are:
Many are multicellular, some are unicellular, cell wall called chitin, several hyphae form mycelium and saprophytic nutrition by extra cellular secretion of enzymes
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Characteristics of plants are:
Multicellular, has chloroplasts and a cell wall called cellulose, photosynthesise, can't move from place to place, face towards sun.
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Characteristics of animals are:
Multicellular, no cell wall, stores starch/carbohyrdates as glycogen, moves has a nervous system, no chloroplasts.
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How do viruses work?
Virus attaches it self to the cell membrane, then the viruses' RNA goes inside the cell, nucleus makes copies of the RNA, more viruses are made and released and the host cell dies
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What is respiration?


Respiration is the chemical reaction that takes place inside cells to release energy.

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What is sensitivity?


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What is growth?


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What is reproduction?


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