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why is respiration important to cells?
Cellular respiration is the cell's main way to produce abundant amount of ATP molecules, which are high in energy. Without the respiration, the cell will nothave enough energy to go through its regular functions
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is oxygen needed for respiration?
yes,along with glucose. these are the raw materials needed for respiration
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what can energy be used for in our bodies?
keeping our body warm when cold,for muscles to contract,building larger molecules from smaller ones,active transport of materials into and out of cells
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where is ATP made?
in the mitochondria in every cell in our body by respiration
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how do oxygen and glucose come into our bodies?
oxygen-brought into lungs in the air we breathe. glucose-comes in large insoluble carbohydrates,digestive system breaks down carbs into small glucose which is soluble
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what do oxygen and glucose do when it is passed into our body?
pass into our blood stream and pass through our circulatory system to every living cell in our body
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when does aerobic respiration occur?
when oxygen is available. aerobic respiration can only occur in cells when oxygen is available.Oxygen is used in the series of reactions to make up respiration and is it AR.
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show the equation for aerobic respiration
glucose + oxygen ----> carbon dioxide + water + energy ATP (we get the glucose through digestion of food)
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what is the rate of respiration determined by?
the amount of activity you are doing.EG when sleeping oxygen needed is low+breathing and heart rate lowers.if demand for oxygen high during exercise,more oxygen needed.breathing and heart rate increases to supply extra oxygen
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what is anaerobic respiration?
if there is a shortage in the amount of oxygen that is available,the body can produce energy without oxygen.anerobic means without oxygen.less energy produced than aerobic.this r in animals g is broken into LA.
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why can anaerobic respiration only take place for a short while?
bc one of the products is harmful, and it doesn't produce as much energy as aerobic respiration and can cause cramp.
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how is anaerobic respiration useful?
the products of anaerobic respiration in plants and yeast are useful:alcohol and co2 - bread making
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equation of anaerobic respiration
glucose ---> lactic acid + energy
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how is lactic acid harmful?
in animals, causing muscle fatigue and cramp as eventually the muscles will not contract at all.
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the lactic acid has to be broken down. what must happen for this to take place?
oxygen is needed,and oxygen debt has been built up. so after a period of exercise both the heart and breathing rates will remain high. this will get the necessary oxygen to the cells and will pay off the oxygen debt and the lactic acid will brake dow
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what is produced during respiration?
carbon dioxide, water and the energy ATP
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what happens during aerobic respiration?
chemical reactions occur,controlled by enzymes, which use glucose and oxygen, release energy and produce carbon dioxide and water.this is an important process to all cells,plants and animals
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in humans, how is their energy released?
from glucose, and lactic acid is produced.
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what is respiration?
the process of making energy from food and oxygen.Heat is released during this(some lost to surroundings).It is a series of enzyme controlled reactions.
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equation for combustion
fuel+oxygen ---> carbon dioxide + water + energy
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what do cells use glucose for?
muscle cells contracting so we can move and cells making enzymes so we can digest food.
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how is burning similar to respiration?
both react with oxygen in the air to produce co2 and water. respiration is a much more controlled process. both will burn like a fuel
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what is cramp?
a build up of lactic aid and causes a sharp pain in muscles. Caued by a lack of oxygen to your muscles as they can't respire using oxygen(aerobic).Muslces have to respire without oxygen.(anaerobic)
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how do you get rid of cramp?
restore that blood supply to the muscles
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describe anaerobic respiration in yeast cells
glucose-->ethanol+co2+energy.this reaction is used by humans who brew alcohol in anaerobic conditions.AR in yeast cells is known as fermentation.
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why does anaerobic respiration not release as much energy as aerobic respiration
bc not all the energy is released from each glucose molecule.The lactic acid that is produced still has quite bait of energy locked up in it.
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when you stop exercising hard why do you continue to pant?
in order to supply oxygen for aerobic respiration to break down the lactic acid. the amount of oxygen required to do this is called the oxygen debt.Body pays back OD by breathing faster and deeper after exercise.Extra oxygen breaks down the LA into c
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in animals the anerobix respiration of glucose results in what?
the formation of lactic acid
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is oxygen needed for respiration?


yes,along with glucose. these are the raw materials needed for respiration

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what can energy be used for in our bodies?


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where is ATP made?


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how do oxygen and glucose come into our bodies?


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