Biology - Respiration

This Quiz is about Respiration in the topic Biology and is also linked to Biology B7. For those who are taking triple science take this quiz to find out how much you know about this topic.

Sorry if this is not to a high standard - i am only a 16 year old Student

My first result when taking this quiz was 19/20 which was 95% ... see if you can beat it in your first go! Don't Hate if you Don't Beat, you can always try again and again.

No Animals were hurt during the creation of this quiz! :)

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1. Define Respiration:

  • Respiration is the process of releasing oxygen in and out of your body so that you live
  • Respiration is the process of releasing energy from glucose, which happens constantly in every cell
  • Respiration means breathing in and out
  • Respiration means to have energy released from your body
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2. What type of Respiration requires Oxygen?

  • Aerobic Respiration
  • Anaerobic Respiration

3. Anaerobic Respiration requires Oxygen

  • False
  • True

4. What is the word equation for Aerobic Respiration?

  • Oxygen + Glucose -> Water + Carbon Dioxide
  • Glucose -> Lactic Acid (+Energy Released)
  • Water + Oxygen -> Carbon Dioxide + Glucose
  • Glucose + Oxygen -> Carbon Dioxide + Water (+Energy Released)
  • Glucose + Carbon Dioxide -> Water + Oxygen (+Energy Released)

5. Energy released by Respiration is used to make ATP

  • True
  • False


Lorran payne


i got 70% yay!! Thanks very useful



I only got 65% on my first go :')
Looks like it's more revision for me



haha :P i got 78% \m/



94% WOO! :D



looks like i need to do a LOT more revision on the heart rate



94% Yayyyy!!!!! :DD



84% >.<

Theophilus Taiwo


u are all LIARS ur progress hasn't even been recorded

Shaianne M


very useful thanks



A straightforward and popular short quiz on respiration and heart. It is always sensible to check which terms it is necessary to learn for your specification, as there are some found in this quiz which not all students need to know. It might be worth noting that slide 15 can only be referring to animal anaerobic respiration. The equation is different in fungi, plants and some bacteria since the end products are different.

Cadhla Vs The Universe


Fun times

Joy E.


How do you click on the words for me it doesn't work



well i guess i need to revise more as well!! I got 42% and i have a test on Friday!!!!!

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