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2. Which of these is an example of a virus?

  • Lactobactillius bulgarius
  • Influenza
  • Pheumococcus
  • Chlorella

3. What enzyme is released in the stomach and what does it do?

  • Peptidase- breaks down peptides into amino acids
  • Pepsin- breaks down protein into peptides
  • Lipase- breaks down lipids into fatty acids
  • Protease- breaks down protein into amino acids

4. What does vitamin C do?

  • Allows cells to become turgid, giving each other support
  • Makes connective tissue, acting as glue and bonding cells together
  • Makes retina in eye
  • Makes destructive tissue which rips during muscle growth

5. Which of these is an example of a bacterium?

  • Pheumococcus
  • Influenza
  • HIV
  • Lactobillius


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