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1. Why are lipids important?

  • Layer of fat/ short term energy store for respiration
  • Creates retina in eye/ insulation/ layer of fat
  • Long term energy store/ insulation/ protect organs
  • Growth and repair of muscle tissues/ insulation
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2. What is the function of the xylem?

  • Carries oxygen through the leaf
  • Carries water and mineral ions through the leaf
  • Carries products of photosynthesis through the leaf
  • Carries colorants through the leaf

3. How do fungi feed?

  • Sapotrophic nutrition- secretion of digestive enzymes onto food
  • They contain chloroplasts- they simply photosynthesise
  • Ingestion of other living or dead organisms
  • They don't feed

4. What are the three polymers of glucose?

  • Starch, amino acids, glycogen
  • Glycogen, cellulose, amino acids
  • Starch, glycogen, cellulose
  • Starch, glycerol, fatty acids

5. What do proteins do?

  • Heart function
  • Energy through respiration
  • Growth and repair
  • Brain function


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