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2. What does vitamin A do?

  • Makes chemical in eye retina which is light sensitive
  • Makes rods and cones in eye
  • Repairs muscle damage of eye (needed to be able to see after looking at sun)
  • Creates retina of eye

3. What are the three types of bacteria?

  • Spirals, cones, spheres
  • Rods, cones, spirals
  • Spheres, rods, spirals
  • Cones, spheres, rods

4. What does vitamin D do?

  • Teeth and bone growth
  • Needed for growing bones to take up calcium
  • Stores energy as lipids around cells
  • Makes connective tissue and retina in eye

5. What is the role of the stomata in gas exchange?

  • Allow spongy cells to expand and contract
  • Allow CO2 to diffuse in, and O2 to diffuse out
  • No function
  • Allow O2 to diffuse in, and CO2 to diffuse out


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