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2. A good medicine is always: Effective, safe, stable and can:

  • Be taken with food
  • Be taken with drink
  • Be excreted safely
  • Be taken in large doses

3. In testing a new drug "In vitro Testing" is on what....

  • Isolated cells and tissues
  • Animals
  • Healthy humans
  • Ill patients who need the drug

4. Clinical trials involve humans

  • True
  • False

5. What is a placebo?

  • A patient about to test the drug
  • A tablet given without the active drug in
  • The drug being tested
  • The doctor testing the drug




thank you  i have got 14/14



A straightforward set of questions on medicine and drugs which seem useful.  Try these after you have finished reading and reviewing your notes to test your knowledge.



It said I got question 12 wrong, I selected false as cannabis is illegal, but apparently I was wrong. Was it a mistake?



No because it said is cannabis a legal drug? u were supposed to put true instead of false I think u got a bit confused or u read it wrong...

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