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AQA Biology Questions (B2 and B3 only).

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1. Which of the following is in a plant cell, but not an animal cell?

  • Cell Membrane
  • Mitochondria
  • Cell Wall
  • Cytoplasm
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2. What happens in the mitochondria?

  • Respiration happens and energy is made.
  • It controls what enteres and leaves the cell.
  • It is the control centre of the cell. It contains DNA.
  • Proteins are formed.

3. Which of these is NOT a way in which the red blood cell is specialised for its job?

  • Big surface area
  • Contains glucose
  • Concave
  • No nucleus

4. Which of these does NOT affect the rate of diffusion?

  • Suface area
  • Time
  • Concentration gradient
  • Temperature

5. Which substance moves using osmosis?

  • Plasma
  • Water
  • Blood
  • Oxygen


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