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2. Give an example of a correct food web

  • small fish-->algae-->large bird
  • algae-->small fish-->large bird
  • large bird--> small fish-->algae
  • none of them

3. Give an example of a secondary consumer

  • a human
  • grass
  • a vole
  • a lion
  • a rabbit

4. What is a primary producer?

  • usually a carnivore or omnivore, the last trophic level, usually a large animal, usually the tertiary consumer
  • something that breaks down dead matter
  • made up
  • usually uses photosynthesis, the first trophic level, usually not an animal
  • usually a herbivore, the second trophic level, usually a smaller animal

5. What is the producer?

  • usually a medium animal, the third trophic level
  • usually a small animal, the second trophic level
  • something that breaks down dead matter
  • usually a plant, the first trophic level
  • usually a medium-large animal, the last trophic level


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