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2. Fats are composed of...?

  • fatty acids and glycerol
  • glucose and glycerol
  • cellulose
  • fatty acids and glucose

3. What is Vitamin C needed for?

  • To help clean the skin
  • To help heal wounds and maintain healthy connective tissue (which gives support to other tissues and organs).
  • To give a balanced diet
  • To prevent scurvy

4. Iron is an example of (a) it is needed to produce (b)?

  • mineral, haemoglobin
  • fibre, haemoglobin
  • fibre, blood
  • mineral, blood

5. Why do men have a higher BMR than women?

  • Because men do more exercise, and eat more food.
  • Because they eat more
  • Because they are bigger, and have a larger proportion of muscle
  • Beacuse they have developed that way


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