Biology Diet and Energy

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1. What are sedentary people

  • People who are underweight and don't eat enough
  • The most active people
  • Taking little or no physical activity as part of everyday living.
  • Couch Potatoes
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2. What do you need to look out for when analysing data on slimming products?

  • A control group
  • Scientific studies. reputable journal, qualified person, large sample, other studies with similar result.
  • Celebrity A has lost X pounds using it
  • Tested fairly, with a big trial group.

3. Give some factors that affect how much energy we need

  • Age, Pregnancy, Physical Activity
  • Weight, Height
  • Physical Activity, Weight
  • Age, Pregnancy, Weight, Physical Activity

4. What is Vitamin D needed for?

  • To provide protein
  • To maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • To prevent rickets and bone pain.
  • To help protect the skin against sunlight

5. Why do men have a higher BMR than women?

  • Beacuse they have developed that way
  • Because men do more exercise, and eat more food.
  • Because they are bigger, and have a larger proportion of muscle
  • Because they eat more


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