Biology: Blood and Heart

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Liquid tissure: Mixture of plasma,red blood cell, white blood cell and platelets
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Red blood cell
Carry oxygen around body [Red circle]
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Carries hormones and small soluble substance such as glucose [Yellow shade in[
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White blood cell type: Phagocytes
Eat bacteria [nucleus, cytoplasm, swallowing shape] sends message to Lymphocytes to produce antibodies
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White blood cell type: Lymphocytes
Produce antibodies [nucleus, cytoplasm, circle shape]
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Helps blood to clot (form scabs)
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Vessel, Oxygenated, Pressure High, Carry blood away from heart, Pulse High, [Round 3 circles inside each other]
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Vessel, Deoxygenated, Pressure Low, Carry blood to the heart, Pulse Low [Irregular round, Has a double wall and a inner wall, and then elastic tissue in inner wall
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Vessel, Exchanging gas and nutrients with cells, Pressure changes from high to low,From artery to vein, No pulse [Pentagon 10p/u m, separate walls at each corner with nucleus inside]
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Heart Attacks
Occurs when there is a blockage in the coronary circulation as the vessels supply the heart with blood
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Risk factors of Heart Attacks
Obesity, High blood cholesterol, Fatty diets, Genes, Stress, Smoking, Lack of exercise
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Circulatory System
Heart->Arteries->Capillaries in organs->Veins->Heart, Blood flows through Capillaries to release oxygen and gains Carbon dioxide from respiration
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Double Circulation
[Oxygenated blood] Lungs to Heart to Rest of Body [Deoxygenated blood] to Heart to Lungs [Oxygenated blood]
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Hollow pump made of muscle tissue, 4 hollow chamber where blood flows, upper chamber atrium, lower chamber are ventricle, left side get oxygenated blood from lungs, right get deoxygenated blood from head and body then pumped to the lungs,
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Valves between atrium and ventricle prevent back flow of blood, Left and Right of heart divided by wall, if wall not formed oxygenated and deoxygenated will mix, not enough oxygen for body
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Left ventricle have thick wall to pump blood long distant, Heart needs oxygen to pump
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Cardiac Cycle
Atria relax, blood enter via the veins->Valves forced open-Atria contract->Blood moves into ventricles-> Ventricle Contract->Valves are shut->Blood leaves via the arteries
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Red blood cell


Carry oxygen around body [Red circle]

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White blood cell type: Phagocytes


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White blood cell type: Lymphocytes


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