Biology - B3.2.1 The Blood System

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1. How does blood flow through the heart?

  • Vein to atrium to ventircle
  • Vein to ventricles to atrium
  • Artery to atrium to ventricle
  • Artery to ventricles to atrium
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2. What do white blood cells do?

  • They form part of the body’s defence system against microorganisms
  • They carry carbon dioxide around the body
  • They cause blood clots

3. What do valves do?

  • Push blood through blood vessels
  • Prevent back-flow of blood
  • Keep open blood vessels

4. Where are valves found?

  • Capillaries
  • Veins
  • Arteries

5. How many separate circulation systems are there in the body and what are they for?

  • 3. One for the brain, one for the lungs and one for the digestive system
  • 2. One for the lungs and one for the body
  • 2. One for the brain and one for the body



Ten straightforward questions on the circulatory system that test basic knowledge needed for the AQA specification.  They could be useful for any student studying this topic and could be used alongside a good set of revision notes for this subject.

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