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2. what can a light microscope view?

  • nuclei, chloroplast and mitochondria
  • small things, inside structures, plasmids

3. what parts of the cell does only a plant have?

  • cell wall, large vacuole, chloroplasts
  • Nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane,cytoplasm
  • flageelum, plasmid, nucleus

4. how are they joined together?

  • weak hydrogen bonds
  • protein
  • tape
  • vessels

5. Name the 4 parts of a cell that animals and plants have.

  • plasmid, flagellum, cytoplasm, cell wall
  • Nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, mitochondria
  • cell wall, large vacuole, chloroplast



What an amaaaaazing quiz! I thoroughly enjoyed myself

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