Biology: B1: Keeping Healthy

What is the condition when the body does not have a balanced diet?
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Define Metabolic Rate
The rate at which reactions in the body take place
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What can cholesterol cause?
Heart Disease
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What are pathogens?
Microorganisms that cause infectious diseases.
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Name the 2 types of pathogen
Bacteria and Virus
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What do they produce that makes you ill?
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What do viruses do?
Damage cells
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Who realised that infections can be transferred?
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What does the skin, mucus and stomach acid do to protect you?
skin works as a barrier, trapped in mucus and killed by stomach acid
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What do white blood cells do?
produce anti toxins, produce antibodies and ingest the pathogens
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What do antibiotics do?
kill infective bacteria in the body
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What did Alexander Fleming discover in 1928?
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Why are viruses difficult to kill?
They reproduce quickly and treatment could damage cells
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What do painkillers do?
Relieve the symptoms but do not kill the pathogen.
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What must bacteria be grown in? give an example
culture medium such as agar jelly
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What must be provided?
warmth and oxygen
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What temperatures must they be kept at? (school + industry)
school= 25 degrees and industry= 35 degrees
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What must you do to keep culture pure?
sterilise all equipment
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How do you sterilise the innoculating hoop?
Put into a blue bunson burner flame
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What do you do when growing bacteria?
Seal the dish quickly and tape but not all the way
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Why is this?
To stop contamination but allow in oxygen
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What is a mutation?
When a pathogen changes to develop a new strain of itself
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What is an epidemic?
When a disease spreads across the country
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What is a pandemic?
When a disease spreads across multiple countries
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How does a vaccine work?
athenuated (inactive) pathogen is injected into the body, this causes the body to make the correct antibodies
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Why is that important?
Allows the body to make those antibodies more quickly if that pathogens is found
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What can the overuse of antibiotics do?
lead to development of new strains of bacteria
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Define Metabolic Rate


The rate at which reactions in the body take place

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What can cholesterol cause?


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What are pathogens?


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Name the 2 types of pathogen


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