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2. Why do Painkillers not cure infectious diseases?

  • They don't know how to make antibodies
  • They don't kill pathogens
  • They contain the wrong antibodies

3. What is the job of the Motor Neurone?

  • Carry signals from the CNS to effectors
  • Carry impulses from receptor to CNS
  • Carry impulses from one part of the CNS to another.

4. Why do we need the correct balance of ions?

  • To provide the body with energy
  • For enzymes to work best
  • To look after cells
  • They are vital for many chemical reactions

5. Why do we maintain our body temeperature ?

  • Becuase at 37 degrees the enzymes in us work best.
  • Becuase at 37 degrees we can provide the cells with constant energy
  • Becuase at 37 degrees we are most comfortable
  • Becuase 37 degrees is the average outside temperature


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