Biology B1

1. What does Oestrogen do?

  • stimulates the release of an egg in the middle of the cycle.
  • Inhabots production of FSH. Causes production of LH.
  • An egg to mature and oestrogen to be produced.
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2. How do electrical impulses move across a synapse?

  • They are converted into chemicals and pass through the gap naturally
  • They are converted into energy and move by diffusion
  • They are converted to chemicals and diffuse
  • They are converted into energy and move by active transport

3. Why do plants respond to stimuli?

  • It allows them to grow closer to the light.
  • As a reflex action
  • An inequal distributon on hormones
  • Because of the water content

4. Which way does water leave the body that Ions don't?

  • in Vomit
  • In Urine
  • From your lungs when you breathe out
  • In sweat

5. Why do we need the correct balance of ions?

  • To provide the body with energy
  • For enzymes to work best
  • To look after cells
  • They are vital for many chemical reactions


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