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What is a stimulus?
A change in your environment which you may need to react to. (light, sound)
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Give two sense organs
Eyes, ears
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What are receptors?
Receptors are groups of cells which are sensitive to a stimulus.
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What does the central nervous system consist of?
Brain & spinal cord
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What are neurones?
They transmit information as electrical impulses to the CNS.
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Give two effectors
Muscles & glands
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What is a synapse?
Connection between two neurons transferred by chemicals
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What are reflexes & what do they do?
Reflexes are quick, short responses to certain stimuli which releases the hormone adrenaline & they prevent injury
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Describe how the reflex arc goes through the central nervous system
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What are hormones?
Chemical messengers which travel in the blood to activate target cells.
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What are hormones secreted by?
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What do the pituitary gland & ovary produce?
Pituitary gland: FSH, LH Ovaries: OESTROGEN
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What are the differences between nerves & hormones?
Hormones: slower action,act for a long time, act in a more general way Nerves: Fast action, acts for a short time, act on a very precise area
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What are the 4 stages of the menstrual cycle?
1) Day 1 is when the uterus lining breaks down. 2) From day 4-14 the lining of the uterus builds up again. 3) At day 4 an egg is released. 4) The wall is then maintained for 14 days until day 28. If there is no fertilised egg, the lining breaks down
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What are the 3 main hormones in the menstrual cycle?
FSH, Oestrogen, LH
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What are the jobs of FSH,Oestrogen,LH & what are they produced by?
FSH: Produced by pituitary gland, causes an egg to mature in one of the ovaries. Oestrogen: Produced by ovaries & causes pituitary to produce LH. LH: Produced by pituitary gland & stimulates the release of an egg
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Give two sense organs


Eyes, ears

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What are receptors?


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What does the central nervous system consist of?


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What are neurones?


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