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1. what is the basic idea of evolution

  • the world becoming populated
  • animals and humans getting stronger
  • different species have devoloped over time from small organisms
  • trees and plants becoming more intelligant
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2. What does darwins theory explain

  • how animals became stronger
  • how animals have grown
  • how life on earth as changed over a geological time
  • how things have changed over time

3. who else created a common know theory other than darwin

  • gregeto
  • stephano
  • lamarck
  • columbus

4. what are drugs?

  • a substance that helps with medical needs
  • substances that change chemical reactions in the body
  • a substance that altetrs how you think

5. how long after darwins theory did it take to understand

  • 400 years
  • 50 years
  • 100 years
  • 20 years


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